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Unique Suits for Dad

If you want to get Dad something truly unique, get him a Sunday suit. But not just any suit.

No, you’ll need an Opposuit.

Opposuits are fun, weird and decidedly different. Depending on his office, he may have a hard time wearing them to work, but there are situations in which they’re appropriate:

  1. If your religious congregation isn’t too rigid with dress.
  2. Out with the family.
  3. If you’re going to a wedding and the dress code is “beach chic,” we deem this appropriate.

Dad will have to be the right kind of person to pull this off. Fashion forward, self-assured and fun? Then these unique pieces are worth the money.

United Stripes Opposuit

One of Opposuits’ warm weather suits, United Stripes is great for the fourth of July—and any related party. Also, if he wants to show how much he loves his country in these tumultuous times, we think he could get away with this just about anywhere.

PAC-MAN Opposuit

The PAC-MAN suit? He’s not going to get away with it in as many places. But it is super fun, and if he has the right work environment, he may just be able to pull it off.

Storm Trooper Opposuit

While it’s certainly not traditional, we feel like he could wear this Star Wars inspired suit a variety of places. Because it’s just black and white, it’s not as—ahem—eye catching as some of the other Opposuits, and we mean that in a good way.

Yellow Fellow Opposuit

If women are allowed to buy oversized, bright yellow trench coats this year, we see no reason men can’t get in on the trend, too. This one is an especially good choice for the fashion forward dad as it actually can be worn in a lot more places. It’s different, to be sure. But yellow is also a hot trend.

Starring Opposuit

Yes, this would be a perfect suit for a magician. Especially along the lines of Gob Bluth.

But if you can put aside the presentation, we also imagine you’d be able to wear this suit in a lot more places than PAC-Man. Especially on punk rock dads.

Iceman Opposuit

We heart this fun suit. Perfect for summer, it’s great for dads who want to wear something nicer than a tee, but still want to have fun with their wardrobe. Like the United Stripes suit, it’s also cut for the warmer weather, making it great to pack for your beach trip this year. Because if bright, fun colors invoking the image of ice cream are welcome anywhere, they’re welcome at the beach.

Flamingirl Opposuit

We know you’re shopping for Father’s Day, but if you’re wondering why men get to have all the fun while women have to dress up for work and church, too, worry no more. While the line is admittedly smaller, and we’d like to see more pop culture references in the female line akin to the men’s, there is a women’s line of Opposuits. Right now they’re all pencil skirts and blazers, but we’ll see if they don’t add pantsuits in the future.