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Unique Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’ve been with your hunny for a while, you’ve probably done it all—flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners out, movies, fancy dinners in—and at this point it all may seem, well, cliché.

If you want to impress your partner this year, try something equally romantic, but outside-the-box. Happiness lies in doing things differently, so we’ve gathered some of our top favorites for happy, and unique, Valentine’s Day dates.

Take a Cruise


No, we’re not talking about a Caribbean one, though we’re sure you’d miss zero brownie points if that’s the way you chose to go.

We’re talking about local cruises on whatever your local body of water may be. Here in Pittsburgh, it’s our rivers. You can go out on a cruise where you’ll eat and dance as you dip under the city’s famed bridges and past her gorgeous skyline.

In Long Beach, you’re a lot closer to the ocean, but there’s an option that allows those who get seasick to enjoy the views and serenity from the water without going out on the open sea: The Queen Mary. She’s an historic ship that was frequented by British royalty, then used as a war vessel, and eventually found her home in California where she is permanently moored.

Today, she hosts events and serves as a hotel, too. On Valentine’s Day, you can have a fancy, four-course dinner, but we promise we’ve got out-of-the ordinary for you, too. The meal is followed by a burlesque show, and then a performance by Taylor Dayne. Book a room and you won’t have to worry at all about one of you being the designated driver.

The Girl at the Rock Show


Would your lover be more comfortable at a local venue than a fancy restaurant? There’s nothing wrong with that! Buy tickets to a local show, or see if there are any big bands coming to town. Local shows will be cheaper, but you can save on bigger acts by buying your tickets through TicketMaster.

Become Artistes


If you want to do something really different, look at something like Paint Nite. Essentially, you bring some wine to an art studio, and they teach you how to be Van Gough. Or Monet. Or how to mimic a local artist.

You and your sweetie will have fun either ragging on each other’s inabilities, or learning that the other actually has some mad talent. Either way, you’re bound to have a great time and bond, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Under the Stars


If you’re running low on funds, but still want to do something super different and super romantic, check out your local observatory. They’re usually run by a local college or university, and almost all of them run free tours and stargazing sessions.

Some are open throughout the week, which would be ideal for you this Valentine’s Day. Others only run tours once a week, in which case you’ll be crossing your fingers that the day is Tuesday, as that’s when February 14 falls this year. Either way, you’ll want to call and see if you need a reservation. Even though tours are free, they usually book up pretty quickly.