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Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Photos

With social media being so readily available today, it’s easy for people to take endless photos and share them on the web. Hardly anyone orders photo prints anymore, and it’s kind of a shame because there’s something so satisfying about thumbing through a photo album or holding a physical photo in your hand. When was the last time you looked through a stack of photos? Nowadays, we simply scroll through feeds on Facebook or Instagram to see what everyone’s up to, or we can update profiles and statuses to share photos. What happens when you don’t back those photos up, though? Will your precious photo memories be lost forever? Preserve those memories by taking the time and making the investment into printing some of those photos. That way, you’ll be able to look at them and pass them down to future generations.

One unique way to display photos is to have them printed on stationery. You can easily create photo cards that you can send out for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. With HP, you can print your own photo cards right at home. Their amazing printers can do it all, right from a quick click on your smartphone. Stock up on photo paper, and printer ink, so you always have what you need on hand at home for those last minute projects. You can snag a discount of 15% on HP ink, toner and printer paper.

Take a different approach to the way you print and display photos with Fracture. Fracture will take any one of your photos and print them directly onto glass, which you can then hang or display in your home. Photos on glass may be a new concept, but it’s certainly innovative, and eye-catching. Fracture offers various sizes, and fantastic prices. It’s perfect for gifting, or a great way to create a custom photo display in your home. Fractures start at just $15.00, and you can even select photos from their photo and art gallery if you don’t want to use photos of your own. Save $10.00 off any order at Fracture.

Photos on canvas have gained popularity through the past several years. There are many photo printing shops which offer the option to have your photos printed on canvas. One tip before hitting the order button is to make sure that you have a high-resolution photo for your print. Otherwise, the photo will turn out grainy or blurry once stretched over the canvas and printed. You can even choose the wrap style you’d like on the canvas. A wrapped canvas stretches the photo over the edges of the canvas. Otherwise, you’ll have a canvas that only shows the photo on the front of the canvas, and the canvas edges will be white. It all depends on your personal style and preference. Group photos together in different sizes to create a dramatic look in any space.

Photo book editing and printing services are tried and true. They may seem old school by now, but the photo books give you something to hold and look at. What’s nice about photo books today is that you can use just about any photo book service and pull photos directly from your social media accounts. No manual uploading needs to be involved. Some will even pull information, status updates and more from your Facebook timeline. They make it so easy for you to be able to hit one button, make a few changes, and then order your photo book with very little money or effort spent.

Organizing your photos is a must. Even if you print photos the old fashioned way, keep track of them in photo albums, and share any duplicates you may have with friends or family members who may want them. Try to write names and dates with a photo safe pen on the backs of photos so family members won’t have to play a guessing game of who’s who long after you’re gone.