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Unique Ways to Pop the Question

When you’re asking your sweetheart the biggest question of your life, proposing over a fancy dinner is old hat. Keep things meaningful and memorable by getting creative with your wedding proposal. Here are some ideas for unique proposals; when she swaps stories with friends, hers is sure to not be a repeat.

Scavenger Hunt


Make a list of all the special places around town that you two have shared together. Arrange them in reverse chronological order so that the last place on the list is where you had your first date, or even where you met. Then, write clues to help her find each location and put them in individual envelopes. When she gets to each one, hand her an envelope directing her to the next memory-filled site. When you get to the last one, instead of pulling out an envelope, drop to your knee and express your love. Expect tears. Tears of joy.

Photo Booth


Go to the movies or an old school arcade where they have a photo booth. Hop in the booth, and start by doing the typical cheezy pictures with funny faces. Then, pull out the ring and pop the question. Not only will she not be expecting it, but you’ll have a frame by frame account of her reaction to keep forever.



Set this up at your home if you cohabitate, or even her parents’ home if you are a more traditional couple. Set up a string of yarn that weaves through the house. At the beginning, clothes pin photos, notes, printed emails, ticket stubs and other memorabilia from the young days of your relationship, and arrange them chronologically along the string until you get to memorabilia from the most recent parts of your journey together. Be waiting at the very end of the string on bended knee. To up the ambiance, light the path along the string with candles!

Sing it Out


If you happen to be musically inclined, known that there isn’t a girl in the world that wouldn’t love a song written about her. You could go with comic, full of inside jokes mixed with sweetness, along the lines of Flight of the Conchords, or just incredibly romantic along the lines of Marry Me. Be sure that the last line is something that makes it clear you’re proposing!

Build a Unique Ring


Of course, at the end of these grandiose plans, you’re going to actually need a ring to present her with. Make it something unique by buying from a jeweler that allows you to pick your own stone to place in a wide array of settings. Blue Nile is an online jeweler that lets you do just that. Because they’re online, their prices also tend to be more affordable.

The day you propose is one she’ll never forget, so be sure the ring is unforgettable, too. And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that’s unachievable because of your budget; there are tons of unique options regardless of your comfortable spending range.