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Update Your Spring Wardrobe for Less

april wardrobe

There are very few windows of time where shopping for this season will actually save you money.  April is one of them.  You can score major fashion deals in a big way as people are Spring cleaning their homes, getting rid of perfectly good pieces of clothing, and retailers slash prices.

Why is April a great time to buy clothes at retailers?

April is one of the sweet spots on our calendar for purchasing clothing brand new.  Spring fashions are put out in February, so they’ve already been on the shelves for a few months even though you’re probably only feeling those warm rays of sunshine just now.  In April, retailers are starting to roll out Summer styles, and in order to do that they need to clear inventory so they have room.  How do they clear that inventory?  They put on stellar sales.  Take House of CB, for example, where promo codes and sales have many items ranging from 29-55% off list price online.

If you’re a super-savvy shopper, you’ll start hitting the racks for next winter.  While winter clothing that’s left is extremely picked over, when you find that diamond in the rought that’s the right cut, style, and size, you can be assured it will be marked at rock bottom prices.

What’s the difference between thrift, resale, and consignment stores?

Retailers aren’t the only place you’ll be able to find lighter clothes for lower prices.  Thrift, resale, and consignment stores will also be busting at the seams as people clear out their closets for Spring cleaning.  On top of the lower prices these stores typically sport, you’re also likely to see sales as the inventory will be in higher volume.

When you’re looking at the prospect of shopping for gently used clothing, all of the options can be overwhelming.  What is the difference between a thrift, resale, and consignment store, and which one is the smartest option?  A lot of that will depend on what you’re looking for.

Thrift stores are generally places where people donate their items.  This means they’re not typically as picky with what they accept, but the prices are super low.  Sometimes you’ll find a brand-name gem, but don’t expect to see one on every hanger.

Resale stores are where people come in, sell their clothing, and the store pays them a set amount to take it off their hands right then and there.  The store then turns around and sells it for a higher price than they bought it for; that’s how they make their money.  Just because they’re making a profit doesn’t mean consumers don’t benefit.  Here, the prices will be slightly higher than thrift stores, but you’ll still be scoring a massive bargain.  The store doesn’t want to buy anything they won’t be able to sell, so the quality of clothing tends to be higher than thrift.

Consignment stores tend to have the nicest brands and the highest prices.  In most, you’ll see higher end brands for far, far less than they originally retailed for.  This clothing is generally of a better quality, so even if it’s been gently used you know it’s going to last you longer.  The store serves as an intermediary between the buyer and seller.  The seller comes in, advocates for their pieces, and determines a price they’d like to sell it for with the buying staff.  When the item sells, the store takes a hefty commission.

Regardless of the route you take, April is the time to revamp your wardrobe for sunnier days and painted toes.  You’ll be saving money, and nothing can make a smart shopper happier.