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Use Back-to-School Clearance to Stock Your Home Office

If you work from home, September is the perfect storm. Your kids are back in school, so you finally have some peace and quiet in your home office. You’re probably super into getting organized right now as you just went through the whole process with your children. Conference season is starting, and to top it all off, there are all kinds of clearance deals on back-to-school supplies that can also double as office supplies.Home Office Desk Accessories On Pinterest Desks Offices And with

All of these things together makes this a great time of year to restock your home office inventory. Supplies will be cheaper at no other time of year as stores rush to get rid of extra inventory, and your needs will likely never be higher.

Here are some super useful discounted items from Staples:



Maybe your kids use iPads or laptops to take notes. Shoot, maybe you do, too. But many of us went to school during the analog days, and the habit of taking notes with pen and paper stuck with us. Pick up some notebooks for crazy cheap before hitting the conference circut this year. With these prices, you can even have a separate book for each, individual event you attend!



Again, we’re sticking to the analog theme, here. Sometimes, the most effective way to remember something is to write it out by hand. If that fails, it helps to have it stuck on a Post-It on your computer monitor.



Thanks to college students, laptops are now standard back-to-school gear. Now that they’re back in the halls of scholarship, the mega sales are turning to mega clearance. If you need to upgrade for your home office, or simply aren’t an analog notetaker come conference time, this is a great time to score one heck of a deal.

External Hard Drives


We all know that no matter how much memory you have on your computer, you’re eventually going to run out of space. Pre-empt the problem by purchasing an external hard drive now, while all this back-to-school tech is on sale.

Headsets and Microphones


Telecommuting to some of those conferences? Pick up a pair of quality headphones and a microphone. Nowadays, many of these are sold as bundles or all-in-one headsets. These are also great if you are participating in any podcasts or an expert interview.



Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice and run to the bathroom to get toilet paper every time you get a runny nose. Nasal chaffing is no fun. Cold and flu season is on its way, and nobody wants a snotty keyboard.

Dust Destroyer Dusters


Again with the keyboard hygiene. It’s a good thing to practice year round, as keyboards can accumulate more germs than toilet seats. It’s especially important during the Fall and Winter when your kids will be bringing home all kinds of illnesses from the germ incubators that are schools and daycare centers.

Remember that if you use these items exclusively for business purposes, they can be deducted as office supplies on your taxes come Spring. Double savings for the win!