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Use Up Thanksgiving’s Mashed Potato Leftovers

Doesn’t it always seem like mashed potatoes show up at every single holiday? Maybe that’s part of the reason they seem to rule the leftovers once dinner is over. For some reason, no one ever seems to skimp on the mashed potatoes – and it’s definitely not because they aren’t getting eaten! They’re one of the main reasons people put up with their family members for this long. Mashed potatoes are kind of the best.

Overhead view of mashed potatoes in a glass bowl with serving spoon in it beside asparagus and a french baguette

Leftover mashed potatoes, on the other hand, can get pretty boring after a couple of reheats. Thank goodness we’ve been doing this holiday dinner thing for a long time, because there are tons of great, documented ways to use up mashed potatoes in other delicious recipes.

Potatoes also have some seriously specialized tools associated with them. A potato ricer is an incredible tool for mashing potatoes for gnocchi, but you’ll want to pick up a good potato peeler no matter what. A chinois is what you need if you want the smoothest mashed potatoes on the planet. You can find all of these online, and even get up to 50% off with coupons at

4 Ways to Use Up Leftover Mashed Potato

Leftover Mashed Potato Cottage Pie

Savory Pie Topping

In the same way that whipped cream is the perfect topping for sweet, filled pies, whipped up mashed potatoes are the only thing worthy of sitting atop a shepherd’s or cottage pie. The filling is up to you, and there are plenty of vegetarian options that would be worthy of a ‘tater topper.

Leftover Mashed Potato Croquettes


Croquettes is basically just a fancy name for “fried potato cake.” But dressed up with some herbs, cream, and even a dipping sauce if you’re ambitious, they could easily pass as haute cuisine. The outside of mashed potato croquettes are crispy with soft, creamy inside are addictive. If you want to get straight to the good part, start thinking of what kind of cheese you’ll choose to mix with your mashed potatoes for this pan-fried treat.

Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi


Those delicious little pasta-like dumplings you get in Italian restaurants are basically just squashed together mashed potatoes. Gnocchi made from leftover mashed potatoes in a little bit of marinara or brown butter sauce… You’ll never forget it!

Leftover Mashed Potato Gluten-Free Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake

Yes, really. Sneaking mashed potatoes in a gluten-free lemon cake is the premier way to blow your friends away with your leftover cooking mastery. Since there’s no gluten-creating wheat flour in this cake, the starchy mashed potatoes are the primary source of structure. It’s kind of a match made in heaven!