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V-Day Gifts for Him (and maybe you)

Shopping for him is no easy task. And remember, Valentine’s Day is about showing appreciation and love, so you don’t have to do anything extravagant–and neither should he! Instead, try to focus on what your significant other appreciates in life, and find a gift that shows that you care about what he likes. Here are a few ideas that might pique his interest and won’t feel like a waste because he’ll truly appreciate it.


Specialty Beer, Wine, or Spirit

If you know he likes trying cool, out there beer flavors, get him something he’s never had before. If you can spend the money, get a high end whiskey, or the Malbec he orders when you go out. When you need help, ask for it at the liquor store. You can also buy specialty tasting kits one time or monthly.

Concert Tickets

That’s right, you don’t have to like the band. But if he does and you know you can find tickets to something he’ll enjoy, go for it. And it doesn’t have to be a concert–the circus, or theater production he would never see on his own would be a great date night.

Dollar Shave Club

It’s not exactly a dollar, but it’s a great gift for the man who likes to stay groomed. There are lots of options to choose from (though most are more than a dollar, but still a small monthly expense). And it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Just be sure you can cancel in case…well, nevermind.

A Silly Tie

Ties are generally a boring gift, but what if you got something kind of goofy? One that when he wore it, he would have to think of you because he would smile.

An Original Edition

It could be anything–of his favorite book, album, or cigarette lighter. It’s something cool he’ll always hang on to and will mean something special to him.

A Decadent Dessert

Bake something awesome.