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Valentine’s Day Dates for the Whole Family

When you have a family, Valentine’s Day can take on a whole different tone.  While getting a sitter and hitting the town with your partner is certainly an option, some families prefer to dedicate the whole of February 14th to family time.  It’s a fun, meaningful tradition with as many ways to celebrate as there are families.  Looking for some inspiration?  We’ve got you covered.

Check Out Your Local Museums

Kids love museums, and museums know it.  Many of them offer romantic dinners in the evening for couples, but there’s also a decent amount of museums that offer love-themed, kid-friendly events every February 14th.  Whether they’re making Valentines, learning about the history of love and art, or working on a group mural full of hearts, chances are there’s a museum near you opening its programmes to families.


Weird, Underwater, and Other Types of Fun

When it comes to family entertainment, there aren’t many that offer as many options as Ripley’s.  They have mesmerizing aquariums, kooky odditoriums, dizzying mirror mazes, and 5D theaters all throughout the Eastern US.  Everytime we enter a Ripley’s attraction, we’re floored by age-appropriate opportunities to learn through physical exploration for the younger crowd, coupled with the depth of knowledge available to stimulate teens and adults.


A Candle-Lit Dinner for More Than Two

There’s no reason you can’t go out for a meal together as a family just because it’s a day for sweethearts.  If your kids are too young to sit for a long period of time, try taking them somewhere with a play yard.  In recent years, some fast food restaurants, like Chik Fil A,  have started a tradition of candle-lit dinners in a family-friendly setting at some of their locations.  By the time your kids are old enough to handle the fancier venues, you’ll have established a tradition everyone looks forward to.


A Night (Or Afternoon) At the Theater

If you’re in the NYC vicinity, there’s no shortage of dazzling Broadway shows you could take the family to see.  This year alone there are showings of Wicked, The Lion King, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and other family friendly productions on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t live in New York, New York?  Check out your own city’s theater district.  If your town is too small to have any major productions come through, don’t underestimate community theater.  The production value may not be as high, but that doesn’t mean the artists volunteering their time lack the talent to make the night memorable.


Make for the Movies

Did you get sold out of the Sponge Bob premier last weekend?  Buy your tickets ahead of time to make sure there’s no disappointment as you head out for your family date this weekend.  Movies always make a great outing, whether you’re going with your sweetheart or catching up on family flicks with your kids.  You may even be able to find a great discount!

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