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Valentine’s Day—It Really is the Thought that Counts!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to start thinking about that perfect gift for that special guy or gal. Many people get stressed and anxious thinking about what to buy for Valentine’s Day, a holiday that seemingly puts more pressure on the gift-giver than does any other day of the year. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, for when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. That old cliché does hold true.

A Valentine’s Day gift can be small or big, cheap or expensive. The day is about remembering those we love, and that sentiment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you have a lot of money and your sweetheart is used to lavish gifts, then you may have to keep up that pattern, but, for the common person, there are many alternatives to expensive gifts year after year.

jewelry and accessories

Quality jewelry & Accessories–Jewelry can rob the pocketbook of thousands of dollars in no time, but it sure does make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t despair, though, if jewelry is your gift choice. Quality jewelry can be purchased on anyone’s budget, ranging from $10 to $10,000. Just look at department stores such as JCPenney, Macy’s, and Kohl’s, who offer adorable bracelets and necklaces, classy watches and rings, all of which are perfectly affordable.


flowers and cakechocolate

Gifts of flowers or chocolates will never steer you wrong on Valentine’s Day. Are you feeling better now? Is the pressure easing up? Ask any girl if flowers or chocolates will do. Unless she is a wealthy prima donna who always expects more every year, then of course the answer is yes! Chocolates and candy are wonderful choices for male or female recipients. Don’t ever worry about these ole standbys being a hit!

gift basket

If you want something a bit more creative, give a gift basket of favorite things. If she is a tea lover, give a dainty tea mug or tea pot with an assortment of tea bags and cookies. If he is a coffee lover, give a coffee mug with a sweet saying on it along with specialty coffee and treats. A wine theme for the wine lover or even a beer theme for the beer lover is destined to also go over splendidly.



Don’t overlook stuffed animals—both for men and women. If you know she loves cats, then a cute stuffed kitten is a perfect choice! For men, a goofy animal that reminds you of him will make him laugh and will always remind him of you and that special day. Your gift doesn’t have to be about what it costs—but about what it says.

A sentimental card

Although these sweet and romantic gifts are excellent choices, there are even cheaper ways to go—ways that perhaps are even more sentimental. A sentimental card or a funny singing one may be the way to convey the perfect message. Even better might be a poem you write yourself or a handwritten note on your own stationery. A framed snapshot of the two of you with an original caption is another idea.

Don’t limit yourself to these creative ideas. If you need more ideas, just go online and shop around. You may find just what you need there, too. Whatever you decide upon, make sure it comes from the heart this Valentine’s Day.