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Wake Up To Stress Free School Mornings

School mornings always feel so hectic and hurried. You need to wake your children and then get everyone dressed, fed and out the door before the bus arrives. While you repeat these activities every morning from September until June they never seem to get any easier.

Fortunately, school mornings don’t have to feel so stressful. With a few tweaks to your morning routine you can send your children out the door, on time and with a smile. Here are a few tips aimed at producing easier mornings.

Pack Homework As Soon As Its Complete

As soon as your children finish their homework ask them to file it neatly into folders and zip it inside of their backpacks. Don’t let finished work sit on the kitchen table where it can get missed in the morning. Add dates on your calendar for all extra projects or long-term assignments. Review your calendar just after dinnertime to make certain these are all packed in advance too. Then place your kids’ backpacks right next to the door so they can’t get left behind in the morning.

Make a Spot for Forms That Require Signatures

Get your kids in the habit of leafing through their backpacks as soon as they return home from school. Ask them to pin any teacher notes, special event documentation or forms requiring parental signatures to a cork bulletin board like the one shown above. When you pass through the kitchen every evening review the documents. If forms require signatures, sign them and place them back inside backpacks, add new events to your family calendar and read through teacher’s notes. Do all of this long before heading to bed. You can find a wide range of cork-boards at Wayfair.

Pack Lunches the Night Before

Prepare for morning, by completing as many tasks as you can the night before. Compartmentalized boxes like the WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box will enable you to pack lunch well before the sun rises. Add fruit to one area, sandwiches in another and little snacks or treats in between. Place the boxes in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning pop them into an insulated lunch bag with a cold pack and your kids will be all ready to head off to school. Search Amazon for bento boxes of varying shapes and sizes.

Serve Breakfast on the Go

When you think about school breakfasts you probably picture your kids sitting around the kitchen table munching on freshly prepared pancakes and waffles. In reality that Leave It To Beaver image just doesn’t jive well with the rush of fast-paced school mornings. Give up on serving any hot meals that must be eaten with a fork and knife. Instead, opt for finger foods that can be carried out the door. Homemade granola bars are a great option for kids who can eat them at the bus stop or in the car on their way to school. Sweet or savory muffins are another great choice; load them up with fruit or vegetables and give your kids a morning boost.

This September, slow down your school mornings. Take time to prepare as much as you can at night so your mornings can run smoother.