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Walgreens— A Medical Boon is a common name when it comes to utility drugs. It was started by Charles R. Walgreen Sr. born near Galesburg, Illinois. The idea for the store had struck Charles while he was working at a local drug store in Rock River Valley at the age of 16, although it was far from a positive one. Working for long hours at the Horton’s Drugstore with earnings of $4 a week, this was a good support that he had, which he took only because of a severe accident that had made him unfit for any sort of participation in sports.


Charles R Walgreen Sr. would have never have been able to fulfil his dream or become a pharmacist, business owner and that too, with such a brilliant and successful entrepreneurship. Unluckily, his initial experience working at Horton’s was not successful itself. Thus, he quitted working for just a year and a half after getting the job.

As of today, Walgreens stands steady with almost 425 new stores opening every year and 7,000 more in the pipeline. With a vision of reaching every neighbourhood within the American sub-continent, Walgreens has always strived for a continuous innovation.

Walgreens’ new efficient software for filling prescriptions, Intercom Plus, links the entire chain of stores into one single network. This showcases how Walgreens has kept itself updated and utilised the advanced technology that allows the team to serve the customers’ needs effectively and efficiently as compared to any other pharmacy resource. Other than that, it’s a fact that Walgreens is one of the largest private users of the Satellite Technology (second only to the United States of America Government). Be it billing, labelling or prescription histories, whether it is for tax planning purposes or corporate reimbursement, all the details are easily available in a quick click with a simpler and easier processing than ever before or by any other service provider.

Over the years, and even today, has been demonstrating a very strong commitment to the all communities it serves out of which, one part of that commitment creates an innovative environment which is open to the development of diverse entrepreneurs or anyone who would like to take part in serving the community. Walgreens, as an organisation, plans to promote a wider local vendor participation to help and support the economic base of all the possible communities in the neighbourhoods across the American sub-continent. Hence the act of filling up prescriptions is easy and economical at, the latest piece of Walgreens’ advanced technology is in place.