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Want to Relax This New Year’s Eve? Then Make These Plans

For many people, the anticipation of New Year’s is just too much to handle. With parties and events going on everywhere you look, it can be hard to make plans and stick to them. And, let’s be honest. Some of us would rather be home watching the festivities on TV then out in the freezing cold of Times Square. If you’d rather relax this holiday, do something a bit more low-key, or just want to try something different than the usual, here are some money-saving, relaxing ideas for you!

relax this New Year's Eve

1.  Get a Board Game

Eager to stay up until the clock strikes midnight? Then a tired person like you may need some help. Time to get a new board game! Bring together the people you’ll be spending the holiday with and head to Toys R Us! Choose from old games like Operation, newer games like Cards Against Humanity, or both! Now you can relax this New Year’s Eve while also having some fun.

relax this new year's eve

2. Take a Bubble Bath 

Don’t feel like going out? No worries! Fill up your bath with some bubbles or calming bath salts, and relax your way into the next year! Pair it up with some natural soaps from Coastal Scents, which you can get at up to 80% off, and you’re good to go. After all, when was the last time you let yourself have a bath? If you can’t remember the last time, or even if you were lucky enough to have one last week, indulge yourself on New Year’s Eve with this plan, instead of a night out on the town.

relax this New Year's Eve

3. Watch a Basketball Game

Who says you need to spend New Year’s watching the ball drop? You can always switch between that action and the action of a live basketball game! With the NBA League Pass, you can save money on instant access to your favorite games. Get 10% off when you sign up, and take advantage of the winter clearance sale with up to 75% off. Swap your typical New Year’s Eve plans for rooting on your favorite teams while you take a load off!

relax this New Year's Eve

4. Read a Book

Some of us don’t get enough time to do the things we really like. Like, reading a book for instance. Many of us have only a few days off for New Year’s Eve, and those days should be spent how we want. Instead of stressing yourself out with making crazy plans, make it simple. Choose a new book from Thrift Books with up to 15% off any order. Then, get your best blanket, and cozy up in front of the fireplace with a nice cup of hot cocoa. There’s no better way to relax this New Year’s Eve than like this!

relax this New Year's Eve

5. Get a Blow Out at the Dry Bar

We can all use a little style before the New Year hits. Whether you can’t avoid certain plans this holiday or you just want to freshen up your hair, this one is for you. And, since having to get yourself ready for anything is super exhausting, you shouldn’t have to spend any more time than you need to. Make your look easy with a trip to the Drybar. Get a beautiful blowout this New Year’s Eve with and save up to 22% off!

relax this New Year's

6. Stack Up on Anime

If you’d rather be inside the house, cuddled up watching Anime flicks this New Year’s Eve instead of partying hard, we can’t say we blame you. Or, if you haven’t thought of this idea until now, then, why not? The New Year is the time to try new things, anyway! Before 2017 hits, stack up on Anime from Right Stuf, where you can get up to 95% off on selected items!

Don’t feel obligated to go out and celebrate if you’re tired! Relax this New Year’s Eve at home with one of these comforting ideas.