Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer

make extra money summer

Want to make extra money this summer? When the weather gets warm and school lets out, it’s the perfect time to go after all those income streams you had in high school. Believe it or not, as an adult you’re better equipped to handle those jobs. Plus, you can garner higher pay.

Pet Care

Love animals? Summer is the perfect time to start up a side hustle working with pets. As your neighbors and friends go on vacation, let them know you’re available to care for their furry pals.

One way to do this is via pet sitting. This is an attractive option for those going out of town as you can charge less than pet boarding centers, and as long as you’re available to spend some time, their animal will be less stressed as they’ll get to stay in their home environment.

Another way to provide a service is to start a dog walking business. Get it going while the weather is warm so you can build momentum before you get discouraged in the colder months. On top of making money providing a service, you’ll also get in some exercise to shed some pounds for swimsuit season.

Child Care

This is essentially babysitting, but calling it child care will help you demand a higher premium. As school lets out, parents will be making arrangements for what to do with their kids while they’re at work. This makes child care a perfect option if you’re a homemaker who already has children of their own at home. Your kids will have some playmates to keep them entertained, and by providing snacks, meals and activities, which you were likely to have in place already, you’ll be able to watch other people’s children and make some extra money. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Don’t have kids of your own? Look into housesitting. While your friends or neighbors are away, keep an eye on their abode, water their plants, maintaining the pool, or, in some cases, even sleepover. If you live in the south, it can be a big help just to have someone come over to run the air conditioning for a couple of hours so you don’t come back to a sauna after a couple weeks away.

This is another one that will be big during vacation season, so start advertising yourself now while people are making their getaway plans.

How to Market Yourself

You’d be surprised how quickly word of mouth spreads. Let those close to you know you’re available and looking, and as they see their friends have needs arise, they’ll pass your name along.

If you want your name to stick, it’s a good idea to have business cards. Besides looking more professional so you can command higher rates, having business cards will provide people with your name and contact info rather than a vague, verbal recommendation. Be sure to give your friends and family a small stack to pass out as needed to help your side hustle grow like wildfire.

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