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Ways to Make Grandparents Day Special This Year

There is something special about the bond between a child and his grandparents. It’s a different bond than that of a child with his or her parents. A grandparent gets to love on and spoil their grandchildren and then send them back home to Mom and Dad to deal with. 😉 It’s a special relationship that deserves some special attention.

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Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa live close. Many times, the grandparents live far away, and it’s hard for the children to see their grandparents as often as they might like. No matter what your situation this year, near or far, use these gift ideas and tips to make Grandparents Day that much more special this year.

  • Start a Regular Grandparents Day Tradition – visit a local ice cream shop, spend the day at the local park, pick wildflowers from the garden. The ideas are endless, but this a such an easy way for Grandparents to feel special and loved. When it becomes a tradition, everyone looks forward to it every year. When I was a child, we used to go down to Georgia to see my grandparents every 4th of July. It was always the trip I was most excited about taking. In fact, I loved it so much that it eventually caused me to move down here! You just don’t know what a regular Grandparents Day tradition could instill in your children.

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  • Create a Special Piece of Artwork – If Grandma and Grandpa don’t live nearby, it’s going to be hard to invite them over. Instead, have your children create a special piece of artwork for them. HP offers tons of really cool card designs and boasts some of the best printers around, so scan in their artwork and make a special card that the grandparents can treasure and hang on their fridge. Also be sure to check out these HP promo codes for extra savings on everything you may need to make the grandparents’ gift that much more awesome.


  • Host a Family Dinner – Invite Grandma and Grandpa to your home for a special dinner. Have the children help cook the dinner and let them serve their Grandparents. Serve the dinner on any heirloom china or plates that may have been passed down from previous generations, and make Grandma and Grandpa feel extra special. Ask one of your older children to say a special prayer of thanks for their grandparents before the family meal.

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  • Create a Brag Book – Grandparents LOVE to show off their grandkids to anyone and everyone. What better way to do that than to create a special brag book that Grandma and Grandpa can show off to everyone?! Select photos from the past year and do a “year in review” book that you can update with a new one each year. The grandparents will love watching the children grow year after year. Use these Snapfish discount codes to save big on your custom photo book. (Then, order one for yourself! I promise that you’ll love this gift so much, you’ll be glad you ordered 2 — or 3, depending on how many sets of grandparents you order for!)


  • Set Up an Interview – This is such a great thing to do, and it doesn’t matter if the grandparents live down the street or across the country! Have your child interview their grandparents to learn about the way things used to be. Be sure to film your child conducting their interview, and send a copy to the grandparents. Have them ask questions like, “What was your first job?” “What was mom like as a little girl?” “What was your favorite subject in school?” “Did you ever travel anywhere exciting?” Someday, you will wish for just a few more moments with these grandparents, and this would be such a great way to let your children learn something about their heritage and get to know their grandparents a little bit more.

I hope each of the grandparents out there has a wonderful Grandparents Day, and I hope these tips have help you decide how to make Grandparents Day that much more special.