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Ways to Save Money on Cable

Ways to Save on CableThere’s no way around it:  cable is expensive.  It’s a creature comfort that most of us have become accustomed to, but it can cut into your budget in a huge way.  There are ways to save on cable, and using them can impact your household finances in a big way.

Comparison Shop

Before you set up your cable and internet, comparison shop with all the different providers in your area.  There are always a slew of new incentives for new customers.  For example, we have a ton of great deals for AT&T U-verse right now.  Shop all of the providers in your area to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the package that suits your needs.  Or you could use the information to instigate the next tip.


Whether you’ve been a long time customer, or you’re trying to set up new service in a new area, negotiating will save you a lot of money.  Usually those incentive deals for new customers only last a year or so with the price skyrocketing up after twelve months.  Call your cable company, and politely ask if they have any promotions that could help you get your bill lower.  If their competitor is offering a great incentive to switch, make sure to mention it, along with the fact that you want to stay loyal, but the prices are making it hard for you to do so.  Or, if you’re a new customer, ask if they could offer you a better promotion than their competitor.


Odds are that if you have a cable package, you’re probably paying for a bunch of channels you don’t need.  Have HBO for Game of Thrones?  All the extra money you’re spending just to be able to view that one show could be spent on buying and owning the DVDs/Blurays.  If you must see it as it goes live, have viewing parties with some friends who haven’t cancelled their premium channel packages.  Even if you don’t have premium channels, there’s probably something you could cut in order to make your entertainment budget more affordable.


This can be a scary one if you’ve had cable your whole life.  But in a world with streaming services, it’s easier than ever to cancel your services without feeling too big of a sting.  Streaming services allow for binge watching and viewing on your own time table without the burden of a hefty cable bill every month.  If there’s one show or channel that’s keeping you from cutting the cable, try to set up an alternative way to watch, whether it’s through streaming or using the viewing party idea from above.

Internet Bundles

If you are still using your provider to get your internet services, consider getting their most basic cable package, as well.  Usually, when you bundle internet with basic cable, you actually reduce your internet bill through the bundle price.  You will also get a few more channels than your digital bunny ears will pull in on their own.  Lower bills and more channels?  That’s a no-brainer.