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Ways to Save When Buying Glasses Online for Summer

My life changed the moment I received my first pair of prescription sunglasses in the mail. As someone with astigmatism in both eyes, going without prescriptive lenses isn’t really an option for me, and I really missed wearing sunglasses. Then, when the sun goes down, it would be awesome to have my glasses automatically turn into sunglasses like Transitions lenses, but I also love standard, clear-framed glasses. I’m one of those people who learned they needed glasses and got very excited about the opportunity to accessorize.

Photo by Katarzyna Kos on Unsplash

I always assumed that prescription sunglasses were out of my price range. After going to the optometrist and seeing the price of designer glasses available for purchase, my heart sank. If I have to pay over a hundred dollars for glasses without a fancy design and tint, sunglasses must be completely out of reach.

That’s before I learned about buying prescription glasses and sunglasses online and all of the stores where you can save money. Here are three of the top glasses retailers online, and how you can get cheap prescription glasses for summer! 

SmartBuyGlasses offers prescription and non-prescription glasses for men, women, and kids. They work with several trendy glasses brands like Omwoodness, a a design that makes wooden glasses, Ray-Ban, and high end designers like Prada and Celine. The prices are very fair, and nearly every pair of glasses and sunglasses on their website is discounted to a price below retail. On top of those great prices, you can save up to 50% on your entire purchase with SmartBuyGlasses frequent promotions. Sales are a common occurrence at SmartBuyGlasses, so try to stack as many promotions as you can for the best price.

When you need new glasses fast, Overnight Glasses is there to help you! Within two days, you can get a brand new pair of high quality, prescription sunglasses delivered to your front door. You can even get designer brands like Christian Dior and Bvlgari along with classics like Oakley and Kenneth Cole. If you don’t want to purchase a designer frame, you can send them your favorite set of glasses frames and Overnight Glasses will install new lenses in them for a huge discount. On top of that, see how you can get free shipping at Overnight Glasses with our coupons! You’ll be on your way to prescription sunglasses by the end of the week!

At Discount Glasses, you’ll start seeing some really big, well, discounts! It’ll be hard to beat these prices on prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. There are tons of styles available for under $20, and you can get 10% off site-wide with free shipping by using Discount Glasses coupons. Search the site by brand, price, style, and materials in order to find your perfect pair. There are over one hundred pairs to choose from!

No matter where you get your glasses, though, be sure you double check your prescription. If it’s been a few years since you’ve ordered a pair, considering visiting the optometrist first to update your prescription and maximize your lens purchase.

Mixing our incredible coupons with the amazing discounts available at these websites, you’ll have the whole family outfitted in eyewear from summer (and beyond!) in no time.