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Ways to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

winter houseWe seem to be having a very mild winter, but when it gets cold, it can be difficult to stay warm. With these easy to follow tips, we’ll show you how to stay warm in cold weather:

  • Add Layers – It’s easier and faster to warm yourself than it is to quickly change the temperature in a room. Instead of just turning up the thermostat, add another layer of clothing.


  • Wear a Hat & Socks – Remember when you were younger and your mom always told you that you lose all of your body heat through your head? Well, studies have shown that isn’t really true. What is true, however, is that if you have clothes on, you’ll lose heat from any surface that’s exposed. So, put on a hat and socks, even if you’re inside, if you want to stay warm. Want a cute little crocheted hat and have the talent to make it yourself? Check out these promo codes from Red Heart and save up to 50% on your next order.


  • Use a Ceiling Fan – I know it sounds crazy, but warm air rises. Run the ceiling fan on the lowest setting in a clockwise direction to help push the warm air back down to the ground.
  • Get Thicker Curtains for the Winter – Using thicker, heavier curtains, or curtains made of a fleece material to keep the heat in the house and the cold weather out. However, if it’s sunny outside, make sure you open your curtains wide to let in all the free heat you can get.
  • Bake all Day – Using your oven will help heat the whole house and stay warm in cold weather. Of course, you might not want to eat all day, so bake cookies for your neighbors, a cake for your niece’s birthday, or other yummy goodies that you can share with the people around you.
  • Reorganize your Bedroom – If you bed is directly against an exterior wall, consider moving your bedroom furniture around. Putting your bed against an interior wall will help keep you warmer all night long. If it’s just not possible to put your bed anywhere but against an exterior wall, leave a few inches between your bed and the wall to help you stay warm in code weather.
  • Consider a Down Comforter – Down is perfect for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I’ve used a down comforter for years, and it’s the best thing I have at keeping me warm when I’m in bed. If you’re in need of new bedding, check out these Nest Bedding promo codes and save up to $200 on your next order.

These tips will help you stay warm in cold weather.