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Wearing Stylish, Comfortable Sandals

The verdict is in…and has been in for some time. Flip flops are literally the worst thing for your feet. Among other things, flip flops cause slower movement, more accidents, and most importantly, damage to your feet. Here are just a few ways you can mess up your tootsies from prolonged flip flop use:

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  • Heel damage–your heel is hitting your shoe with force because of the way the shoe is designed, and also because there is virtually nothing separating your heel from the pavement.
  • Hammer toe–this is when the knuckles of your toes are permanently bent. Your toes have to work harder to keep the shoes on and end up getting damaged in the process. Yuck.
  • Bad posture–any shoe with zero arch support is going to mess with your spine eventually, causing misalignment, which will lead to pain. Sciatic pain, knee pain, low back pain, etc.
  • Bunions–flip flops won’t cause bunions, per se, but they will make them worse. Your feet have to work hard to keep the flip flops on and the bunions will soon become irritated and worse.

And we’re not just talking flip flops. Sandals are known for their hard surfaces and even when feet are kept firmly in place, your feet are getting no support and will lead you down a similar road.

Take care of them tired dogs and try these alternatives to cheap sandals:


This is your priciest option, but they will save your feet. Customers report that pain has either decreased or disappeared altogether. And the good news? The 90s are making a comeback and therefore so have Birks. Try the “Gizeh” for a bit more style ($95), or the Eva Madrid Birkenstock at a lower price point. These are synthetic and great for the pool or beach). You can buy Birks anywhere, from Urban Outfitters (so they must be cool) to Nordstrom. And they are all going to be the same price. These don’t go sell, but check out deals for free shipping.

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Slides are super trendy too this year. And that’s awesome because slides are comfy, as long as the foot beds are soft, and there is some arch support. The slides should cover most of your foot to ensure that your foot is in place, and provide a cushioned bed for support and comfort.  Check out this great and affordable option from Dr. Scholl’s, super cheap at ($35).

If you must wear flip flops, try flip flops with thick straps and arch support, like these from New Balance, found at Famous Footwear ($24):

New Balance Women's PureAlign Thong V2 Sandal