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What are the Sexiest Costume trends for 2014?

Just when you thought the fun was over now that summer is coming to an end, here comes one of our PromosPro’s most favorite times of the year, HALLOWEEN!

As this fun day arrives to fill us up with candy and original costumes, we decided to update you on 2014’s costume trends of what’s HOT and original!
We searched the web to find the neatest and sexiest Halloween-costumes: Some are more conservative than others but we’ll let you decide.
Do you have any costume ideas you would like to share with us?
Send us a video of your tutorial and we’ll host it on our PromosPro coupons and deals website!


1. Here’s an inspiration from Captain America              2. Another attractive and different Spider-Man inspiration.


3. We found this adorable and sexy Snow White costume with a low cut neck and open-back feature. A cute touch on the back with a over sized red bow makes it fun but attractive.  4. Here are two sexy and appealing Minnie Mice.
snow white

5. We also found the cutest Super Maria               6. Here is an extremely exposed Sexy

costume with a little lace and bright colors         Pirate. We advise to use a black top under for

to accentuate the waist line.                               more imagination.



7. Cat woman                                                             8. The Sexy Leopard

cat-menSexy Leopard

9. The mysterious snake                      10. Last but not least, the trendsetters.

Snake-Kin-Print-Lame-Catsuit-Slivery-Greythe trendsetters

To leave you with the icing on the cake, here are our favorite make up tutorials to compliment your snake costume, also, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR OUR NEXT BLOG “CUTEST CHILDREN CUSTOME IDEAS”. Enjoy and happy Halloween savings!

* Half Human, Half- reptile

half men

* Meduza/ Reptile


* Sexy/evil snake

evil snake