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What Different Gemstones Say About Your Relationship

what gemstones say about your relationship

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The hardest gemstone there is, over the centuries they’ve often been used as symbols of undying commitment, and a love so eternal it cannot be broken.

But diamonds are far from your only choice when you’re shopping for your love. The world is flush with other gemstones, and they hold some pretty romantic meanings, too. Plus, they will help you spend a little less on the big holiday over diamonds. Whether you are shopping for Valentine’s Day, or are subtly nudging someone as they shop, keep the meaning of these gems in the back of your mind as you pick out the perfect gift.


Agate represents strength in protection, which is why it is typically used for those ornate reliefs of a mother holding her child. If you want to celebrate the wonderful mother that the love of your life is, consider purchasing an agate pendant necklace this year.


Amethyst is the patron gemstone of addiction recovery with some believing that it actually has healing abilities. Beyond addiction, it is said to have calming attributes, which make it useful for keeping anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed at bay. If your sweetheart has helped you through a hard time, or deserves a little less stress in her life herself, amethyst is a great way to show her some appreciation.

Blue Topaz

Is your Valentine an artist? Whether her medium is paint, theater, or written word, blue topaz may be the gift for her. Artists tend to flock to this gemstone as it is said to open up creativity and self-expression.

It’s also commonly used to beg forgiveness. So if you’ve done something terrible (like forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day present?) blue topaz may help you make amends.

Most blue topaz is only blue because of manipulation in a lab. Blue topaz is extremely hard to find in nature.


Rubies represent love straight up. There’s no hidden agenda behind them. They have been used throughout history, however, as a sort of evil eye, warding off bad health and bad life circumstances before they can even happen.


The deep greens of emeralds are said to represent fertility, beauty, eternal youth, and even rebirth. If your love lives life exuberantly, this is likely the gemstone for her. These pieces of jewelry represent imagery similar to Springtime and the pagan symbols we have incorporated into Easter for fertility, rebirth, and hope.

If that doesn’t win her over, Cleopatra decked herself out in them constantly. You are buying her jewelry worthy of a queen. Because she is your queen, right?

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