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What Do You Do With Thousands of Digital Pictures?

What to Do With Digital Photos

By the time my oldest was four months old, we had thousands of baby pictures.  It was craziness.  It was silliness.  It is a great problem to have, but also an example of how our hustle and bustle lives in the digital era sometimes create more for our “to-do” lists than we had previously.

What do you do with thousands of digital pictures?

When you’re a busy mother, doing anything with these pictures becomes an arduous chore.  It can also become an expensive one.  Here are some of our best tips for getting those photos into the analog world without breaking the bank:


Get a Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames allow you to display a modern slideshow in what at first glance looks like an old-fashioned picture frame.  Just load your pictures onto the memory card and you’re ready to go!  They can show a ton of pictures, and you can easily swap old photos for new ones as those priceless moments come along.  A few  years ago these would have been a huge budget-buster, but in 2015 you can find a decent one for around $30.


Print them Out

Despite it being a digital world, we still like to print out our photographs.  We have album upon family album of all those little moments in life.  Printing photos can be expensive, though, so we like to wait until prints go on sale.  Many times we’ve gotten penny prints or even prints for free.  The best deals are the ones that allow you to pick up in person so that you don’t have to pay for shipping.


Design Your Physical Photo Books Online

Much like prints, photo books are also an item worth watching for sales.  Rather than put together the photo album by sliding prints into the page, you can design your book online. Then the company will print it for you; it’s as cute as scrapbooking, but you can do it without spending the money all those crafty little stickers and tchotchkes.  These can get expensive, so be sure to watch for sales.


Get an Engineer Print

Office supply stores will often offer services that allow you to print something called an “engineer print.”  They are traditionally used for printing blueprints, but you can use them to blow up your family photos.  They start at 18”x24” and can go up to 36”x48”.  They print in black and white, and you can use them for a myriad of projects.  You can make your own frame, mount them and make a type of DIY canvas out of the print, use them as wrapping paper, or hang them as posters, all for a fraction of the cost any of these projects would cost you if you ordered from a photo site.  Engineer prints can be had for as low as $2.


Make a Calendar

Who said the calendar has to start with January?  When you make and order a photo calendar online, many websites will allow you to start the calendar this month.  And when you’re ordering a calendar in March, the prices are a lot lower than when you order at the holidays like everyone else.


Where to Find the Deals

These sales and deals can be found on many photo service websites, with the exception of engineer prints.  We recommend subscribing to our Walmart Photo Center page.  This allows you to have their best deals sent straight to your inbox so that they find you as opposed to you having to go hunting for them.  It also gives you the option to pick up your items in-store if you’re trying to avoid those nasty shipping fees.