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What does Kindle Fire HD have in store for you?

Probably the world’s best 7″ tablet! It has killer sound, a beautiful screen and is easily reparable. The battery has a metal envelope to prevent any sort of electrical damage and the tablet has a standalone replaceable headphone jack! The first that a manufacturer has cared about is reparability! There is also a plastic frame for the tablet’s dual speakers.

Kindle Fire HD

A peek into its specifications reveals the following features:

  1. Dual band, dual antenna Wi- Fi. Automatically switched between 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies.
  2. Integrated support for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also for Gmail, Hotmail and other mail clients. There is the functionality of updating and exchanging calendar and contact info from all accounts.
  3. Free cloud storage for all Amazon content (unlimited).
  4. High performance 1.2GHz dual core processor
  5. Front facing 1.0 mega pixels camera, but no rear camera
  6. 1280×800 high definition LCD display
  7. Exclusive Dolby audio and dual driver stereo speakers
  8. Around 12 hours of battery life

The Kindle owner’s lending library ensures that you read for free. There are currently around 180,000 titles here. You also get a free month of Amazon Prime on purchase of the tablet. This is unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, one free Kindle book a month and free two day shipping on loads of items. It’s also the best way to up your gaming quotient. The games are the full tilt, turn and multi- touch variety. It also has some exclusive Android games, so you won’t be missing them either.

Another section is of the books and magazines. You get them in breathtaking display. No compromise on picture quality and color. Magazines likes of Vogue, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, ESPN and Better Homes are also available. Some of the books, around 600,000 in number are priced less than $4.99 and over a million are less than $9.99. It’s literally a steal! There is also access to a huge songs collection. You can import your music library to the Amazon cloud as well. The music that you buy from Amazon is stored on your Amazon cloud and can be downloaded or played any time.

Take a peek into some of the cooler features. Heard of X- Ray for movies? While a movie is playing, tap on any actor on the screen and jump straight to other movies in which they star. The immersion reading concept is also pretty neat. The Kindle Fire HD teams up books with companionable audio books to create a more deep reading experience. There are audio books available over a wide range of titles and genres. One new amazing concept this is.

The only issues are with maybe holding the tablet. Some say it’s too big to hold with one hand. People are also cribbing because it has no rear camera. To think of it, taking pictures with a tablet isn’t the smartest thing to do. And the front camera does make you enjoy amazing clarity in video calls. It’s a good buy, is our verdict, especially with good coupon codes and deals!