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What Goes With Turkey? Try These Money-Saving Meal Ideas

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. On this lovely holiday, families get together around a big table to remember what they are thankful for. One thing that we’re all grateful for is, of course, the food. A Thanksgiving meal never ceases to amaze hungry relatives who hope to spend the day eating so much, just to later fall asleep to football.
Thanksgiving, money-saving, meals
As the person hosting Thanksgiving (or a close family member of the person hosting Thanksgiving), you need to make sure that table is full of delicious goodies. You know there will be a turkey, but what else can you cook up to please your eager guests?

These money-saving meals will leave your guests knowing where they’re already coming next year.

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Welcome Platters

As your guests linger in one by one, people are already going to be hungry. 1800Flowers has a great deal on Thanksgiving gourmet food baskets, that you can leave out for when your guests arrive. You can also opt to save money by making your own platters, like vegetables with dip or chips and salsa.

Thanksgiving, money-saving, meals

Hearty Soups

Before dinner is served, get everyone to indulge in a hot, hearty soup. You can really make anything, but sticking to a veggie soup, like pumpkin or potato, will help keep costs down this Thanksgiving. Get some new soup pots from Bed Bath and Beyond to make sure there’s enough for seconds!

Thanksgiving, money-saving, meals

Scrumptious Side Dishes

Besides the turkey, a Thanksgiving meal is all about the side dishes. Whether you choose to make a sweet potato casserole with melted marshmallows on top,  mixed roasted vegetables, or tasty balsamic roasted brussels sprouts, you’re going to need some roasting pans that can handle it all. Luckily, Sur La Table is here to save the holiday, with 50% of roasting pans.

Thanksgiving, money-saving, meals

Delectable Desserts

Nothing completes a savory Thanksgiving dinner like a choice of delectable desserts. In some houses, more attention is given to the desserts than the actual dinner. If you’re not much of a baker or you just want to save some money on dessert options, then Cheryl’s Cookies has a fabulous discount on their cookie baskets, as well as other deals.

If your family prefers something sweet other than cookies, then PromosPro has deals for that, too. Fannie May has promo codes to save on all kinds of treats. Choose from milk chocolate turkeys, cheesecake, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and fruit baskets. Yum!

Now you can complete your Thanksgiving meal without overspending! That’s something to be thankful for.