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What is Green Monday?


During the second week of December, you’ll see a ton of retailers putting on some pretty fabulous sales. This is the way sales cycles have always worked, as they want to move product before Christmas and they know a ton of people will be out holiday shopping so they won’t have to wait until the last moment.

Since online retailers have started getting in on the holiday shopping madness, this has proven even more true—you have to leave time for shipping, after all! In 2007, eBay coined the second Monday of the month, traditionally the first day of these big sales, as Green Monday.

Is “Green Monday” a marketing ploy?

Well, yes and no. By coining the term “Green Monday,” eBay made customers more conscious of the discount madness, but you’ll also see it referred to as Cyber Monday 2, or even not referred to as a shopping holiday at all.

But that doesn’t mean the sales aren’t there. It just means that because of eBay’s clever marketing, more consumers are consciously aware of the sales that have always happened during this time frame and can plan their shopping accordingly.

When is Green Monday?

This year, Green Monday falls on December 12, 2016. Keep an eye on your inbox as the retailers that commonly use this term do a lot of business online—you’re not likely to see coupons flooding your physical, snail mail mailbox. But you will receive them via email. Gmail users should pay particular attention to their “Promos” tab. Of course, you can always find even deeper discounts by using our promo codes here at Promos Pro before making any purchases.

What are the best things to buy on Green Monday?

You’ll see the biggest sales on toys. Even Santa knows that second week of the month is a great time to shop. Seasonal items are also likely to be marked down.

This is a great week to purchase popular toys and items. As the holidays get closer, retailers know that parents will get increasingly desperate to purchase their child the hottest new thing, so they’ll raise prices—because they can. The supply will be scarcer, and the procrastinating parents will create more of a demand. Don’t wait. Purchase that second week of December or you’ll more than likely end up paying a higher price.

You may also see sales on TVs, but be aware that televisions sold this time of year may be made with subpar parts yet labelled with recognizable names in order to facilitate these wild discounts. The best time of year to buy quality TVs and other high-end electronics is next month after the Consumer Electronics Show has concluded. That’s when 2017 models roll out and 2016 models will see a massive price slash.

How can I stay up to date on Green Monday sales?

A great way to stay current on sales and deals that will be offered over Green Monday and the ensuing week is to follow this blog. We’ll keep you updated on the best of the best as the discounts and promo codes unfurl.