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What to and how to Gift shop while you travel

Traveling or going on holiday often means getting gifts for your close relatives and a smattering of friends. The place to pick out some great gifts is the duty free shops, where you get a variety of perfumes, chocolates and other knick knacks. These would suffice for the not so near friends and relatives. Chocolates work all the time. So get loads of chocolates for everyone who you intend to gift something.

For those who you want to gift something special, get them trinkets from the local market place. You will anyway end up taking up one of these as a souvenir. And they make for great gifts too. The idea behind taking something home for someone when you have been travelling is just to show that you thought of them while you were away. It’s not to spend big bucks and impress. Of course that could be a motive too! Start picking up stuff early in your trip. Don’t leave your entire gift shopping for the last few days. It is better to pick up something as and when you like it.

People also appreciate being gifted exotic sweets and savory items from other parts of the world. They are a good buy if you can ensure that they will stay edible till you reach. Electronics are also cheaper in certain parts of the world. If you were in the UAE, friends will request all types of electronic gadgets and they won’t burn a hole through your pocket too.

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Regular travellers across the world swear by the following money saving tricks while doing holiday shopping:

  1. Choosing the right credit cards are also a smart way to save money. Explicitly tell your bank that you will be abroad and if they have any schemes on credit cards that will earn you some cookies later or get you discounts. Some major stores offer deals and coupons for future purchases if you use a particular variety of credit card.
  2. Debit card isn’t that preferred. So get a no foreign transaction fee credit card. Also get a debit card that doesn’t charge extra for withdrawals in a foreign country.
  3. Make a note of the customer care number that you can call when abroad.
  4. Pay only in the local currency. It would be great if you do a bit of reading up also on how you can make the most of conversion rates in a particular country.
  5. Don’t sign any cheque or receipt that isn’t expressed in the foreign currency. In order for you not to get fleeced just brush up a little on your currency conversion skills.
  6. Some merchants don’t accept foreign credit cards if you can’t produce proper identification. So carry your passport always when travelling.

What to buy when in India?

If you are travelling in India, some of the things that you should absolutely purchase are glass bangles, pashmina shawls, flip flops (they are available at throw away rates and very durable), loose Indian tea and of course a marble mantle piece! Marbles is available at inexpensive rates in this part of the world, so do get yourself something in marble. Nothing better for a souvenir.