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What to Buy and What to Avoid in August

The end of the summer is soon approaching, and the deals are amazing. First thing’s first: grab those shoes you’ve been eyeing all summer now. Chances are, they’re on sale and you can still enjoy a cute pair of wedges through September. In fact, scientists are guessing that this will be one of the warmest fall seasons on record.

Buy a Versatile Summer/Fall Shoe

The first thing you may want to do is checkout the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, on until August 6. Everything is on sale, including fall styles (but more on that later), and of course, summer clearance. We’re loving a bootie/sandal like the one pictured below because they will take you to November this year and walk right into spring next year. Worthy investment on a three season shoe! Check these on on sale at Nordstrom for $89.

Main Image - 1.STATE Tilya Bootie Profile Sandal (Women)

Now, even though we love a good summer sale, you don’t want to be buying fall clothes right now. You won’t be wearing this stuff for months and it’s going to be on sale again (with deeper price cuts) before you even begin to wear your fall wardrobe. Come late September, the second wave of looks for the season rolls on and guess what’s on sale? Right, that denim jacket you couldn’t live without but can’t wear in humid summer weather.

Don’t Upgrade Apple Products

You’re going to be tempted to upgrade your phone. Apple will do everything in its power to convince you that now is the time. They’re piggybacking on a big back-to-school shopping month. What better way for your teen to impress his friends with new kicks and a new upgrade? But new Apple products typically rollout in just a few short months, meaning your purchase will soon be much cheaper. The iPhone 8 is delayed and may not rollout until the first quarter of 2018, so save your ducats.

Do Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Your AC won’t go out of style. If you were able to squeeze one more summer out of your AC unit, grab a new one now. Prices could be cut by half and your future summer self with thank you and give you a good old pat on the back for being savvy and forward thinking! (Same goes for Patio Furniture!) Save $50 on this Fridgidaire if you buy it right now at Lowe’s. Another great option to check out a Sears Outlet for refurbs under $100.

Product Image 2


Who knew, right? While it takes years for wine to go from grape to barrel to bottle, experts suggest that wines might be bought at better than normal prices in August because vineyards are motivated to bottle barreled wines in order to make room for the tons of new grapes that must be harvested in September. If you have a local vineyard, inquire about special end-of-summer pricing!


Other Dos and Don’ts

Don’t buy grills because their prices drop in September. Electronics see big dips during the holiday season, but you will find a good deal on a computer, with many back to school incentives and special student discounts. Do buy swimwear you can wear next season, and enjoy deep discounts on patio furniture that will still feel new next year. Do buy school supplies which will see their deepest discounts this year. Take advantage of this for your home office (you don’t have to be a student!).

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