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What To Do With All Those Apples…?

Here are a few ways to have an awesomely apple filled autumn!



Fill your vases with mini apples! Find apples of various shapes and sizes to use as centerpieces. Apples last about ten days before bruising and about two weeks before it’s noticeable. If you’re having a party or dinner, core your apples and use them as votives, or better yet, tiny vases for flowers.

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Eat them! 

Of course you can eat them. There’s the tried and true applesauce, or apple pie, but how else can you eat your apples? You can stew them, bake them, put them in pancake mix with a great maple syrup and nutmeg sprinkled on top–the options are endless! We particularly love hollowing the apple and baking them, filling it with oatmeal and granola. Instant healthy breakfast! Better yet, dry them out and bake them, put apples in your salad, slow cook your next pork roast with apples and other veggies, or make creative candy apples.

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Take Your Family Photos

Wait until the trees turn (soon!) and grab that old Radio Flyer out of the garage.  Put your apples in a barrels or baskets and load up the wagon! Instant cuteness. Babies eating apples? Priceless!

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Donate Them

If there is a shelter in your area, we’re quite sure they would love a healthy snack to distribute. Another great option is to bring them to work or your child’s school–we don’t think the teacher would mind!