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What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

what to get him for valentines day

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially on romantic occasions. While it’s perfectly acceptable for women to gush over all things cheezy or sweet, men have a little more judgement passed on them. Thus, we often judge what gifts they would like against societal norms.

Trust us: guys like to be appreciated, too. Even in cheezy romantic ways. Here are some ways to save as you go about getting your hunny something special for Valentine’s Day.

Mixtape, 2016-Style

There are undoubtedly songs you’ve listened to that make you think about your partner. There’s probably even some common ground in your musical tastes. Pick out some of the songs that make you think of him, and burn them onto a CD.

Or, if you’re truly in the 21st century, buy them and put them on a playlist. Depending on the service you’re using, you should be able to send them to him on February 14th.

It’s super sweet, will let him know you think about him, and if you pick from genres you know he likes, will be something he actually enjoys and gets a lot of utility out of.

Surprise Him with a Getaway

Do you  have rewards points accumulating? Or gathering dust? Use them to surprise him with a getaway. Maybe you only have enough to go to that great little  bed and breakfast two towns over. Maybe you have enough for an all-out tropical vacation. Either is incredibly romantic, and if you have enough points, won’t cost you a cent.

If you have some points, but not enough to get it for free, see what you can do about a partial cash payment, with the other part being your rewards poinst. You’ll likely still get a super discount!

Save While You Shop Luxe

Thank goodness we have the internet. Now if you don’t know what to get for your significant other, you can just look through a curated collection, like OKI-NI. They specialize in luxe men’s products, and rotate their stock out frequently. So you know you’ll be getting something unique and up-to-the-minute trendy. Plus, you can use promo codes while you shop to help bring those luxe prices down.

Make Dinner

A romantic one. Instead of going out, light candles, drink wine in your own home (it’s cheaper!), and get a sitter if you have kids. You may want to check in with him before you cement any grandiose plans; he may have the same idea up his sleeve.

Ask Amazon

The coolest trick in the book? Ask Amazon what to get your partner. Type in “romanitc gifts for nerds,” and you’ll get everything from a heartbeat cardiogram necklace to Dr. Who paraphernalia. Try “romantic sports gifts,” and, after you scroll past the romance novels with abs of athletic men on the covers, you’ll find Michael Jordan cologne and “Best Husband Ever” sports bottles for his workout. Whatever your husband’s interests, Amazon’s algorithm can hook you up with something he’s sure to enjoy.

Love. It’s What Brings Us Together.

Regardless of if you spend oodles of money, or go ultra free and write him a heart-felt love letter inside a DIY card, Valentine’s Day is about love, not money. While you can do it on a massive budget, there’s nothing saying you can’t demonstrate the same amount of love for less.