What to Know Before Flying Condor

Discount airlines can be a great option for cheap travel. They tend to be smaller carriers with less destinations, and you will generally have to pay for things that might come free with a bigger airline, like carry-on bags, but the prices can be well worth the lack of creature comforts.

Today, we’ll give you some tips you should know before flying on one of our favorites: Condor.

Choose Your Fare


Many discount airlines will make you pay extra for all the extras. Period. End of story. Condor is a bit different in that you can choose which “rate” you’d like to fly, with each rate giving you different benefits. The cheapest rate, Lite, gives you only a free carry-on and personal item.

The next rate, Classic, gives you a carry-on, checked baggage, and the ability to re-book for a fee.

The highest tier rate, Flex, gives you everything that classic gives you except that you can re-book for free, and you can cancel you flight all together for a charge.

Obviously, the better the benefits, the higher the cost. If you know all you’ll need is a carry-on, though, you’ll appreciate not having to pay for the extras. Conversely, if you know you need the flexibility to change dates, it may be worth it to you to pay a little extra for Flex rate.

Bags Will Cost You Extra


Flights on Condor are a little bit different than what you may be used to. The only bag included in your fare is the one that will fit in the overhead compartment, and the personal item that will fit under your seat.

If you choose not to book at a rate that includes baggage, you can purchase the privilege of bringing extra baggage along. These rates start around $40 for the lightest of bags on a trans-Atlantic flight, but will vary depending on your destination and the weight of your bag.

If you do end up deciding to pay extra for bags, it’s best to make that decision thirty days before your flight. If you delay past this window, it will more expensive to add this service on. Other add-ons include choosing your own seat, food, transporting your pet, and the ability to access in-flight media.

You Can Check Flight Times By Destination


Our favorite feature of Spirit Airlines is their search. The site should automatically pick up that you’re in the US. Then, you can view all destinations under the “Get Inspired” tab. This will show you all of the US airports that take flights to your desired destination and when they leave. This makes it easier to see if a cheaper or more convenient flight might be had if you opted to fly out of one airport rather than another so you can strategize your trip with more ease.

You can also check which flights leave from your airport of choice by looking over the timetable. This operates similar to a bus schedule, and can help you pick a destination if you know you want to fly cheap, but need ideas on where to go for your getaway.