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What to Wear When You’re Traveling

Everyone seems to over pack when it comes to clothing. It can be overwhelming and difficult to choose exactly what to take to your destination but you want to be smart about it. Depending on where you’re traveling here are some tips to help you choose what to take with you.summer travel

Neutral Colors

It’s always a good idea to take any clothing that can be versatile and worn multiple times. Neutral colors like brown, black and khaki make great choices because these colors can go with everything. This will also leave you more space in your suitcase or allow you to pack less.girl-972636_640

Take Comfortable Clothing

You certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable while you’re traveling. Take comfortable clothing that is breathable and can be dressed up for down depending on what activities you’ll be enjoying. Stores like REI can help you with your outdoor clothing that is comfortable and perfect for any destination.

Moisture Wicking Clothespeople-371230_640

Not only will wicking clothing help keep you cool during those hot summer days or when you are participating in an activity but once washed they can also be dried quickly.

Don’t Take Cotton Socks

You want to take socks that are breathable, cotton socks can hold in moisture which can bad for blisters or when hiking. You also want to be sure the socks have good cushioning to help prevent any blisters, bunions or spurs. Those are certainly not something you want to worry about when traveling.

A Hat

While you may not be a fan of wearing a hat, there are some destinations where having a hat is a must. A wide-brimmed hat, which is best for your face, ears, and neck) will help keep those areas protected from sun damage. If you do enjoy wearing hats, be sure they are comfortable and can help protect you from the weather elements. Check out The Hat Pros for some good selections and discounts on different hats.

Take Practical Shoesholiday-1229264_640

While packing shoes may be one of the hardest things for us women, we have to remember to pack shoes that are practical as well as versatile. Take boots only if you need to for instance if you are planning on a hiking trip. Walking shoes or running shoes are a must since you will be on your feet most of the time. Comfortable sandals or some casual dress shoes can be dressed up or down for any activity. You can often find some good coupons and since they carry a lot of brands and styles you’re sure to find the necessary shoes for traveling.