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What’s in a Bag? Back to School Bags for Every Age

Once classes are in session, one of the most essential back to school supplies must have is a good back to school bag. You may need a bag to tote books in, organize papers, or hold personal belongings.
Kids Back to school bag
We start carrying bags to school as young as preschool-aged children. Finding a bag that’s comfortable and stylish, yet fits your personal needs is often an annual task. From lunchboxes and backpacks to messenger bags and satchels, here are some great back to school bags to start the new school year with.

Go Go Kids Back to School Backpack

The Go Go Kids Backpack from Stephen Joseph Gifts is a great choice for little ones in preschool or early elementary school. The backpacks comes in many fun styles for boys and girls, and are embellished with little extras that make the bags extra special. They have enough pockets to hold important papers or folders, and are easy to wipe clean. They can also be personalized with your child’s name. Your child will feel so proud to carry around their very first backpack!

Toys R Us Back to school Character backpacks

Character backpacks are a great choice for kids. Kids will feel excited about heading back to school with their favorite movie and television show characters displayed on a shiny new backpack. Allowing your child to select a backpack allows them to share their personal interests. There are a variety of character backpacks at Toys R Us that’ll keep kids happy, and won’t break the bank! When looking for a backpack for your child, be sure to chime in with your opinion. Also be sure to look to see that the backpack fits the child. Have them try it on in the store, if possible, to make sure they’ll be able to wear it comfortably. Look for essential pockets to see that there is enough room for your child’s personal items.

back to school backpack

Most teens might sneer at the idea of having to carry a backpack, and may opt not to use one at all. If your child has a lot of books and notebooks to transport back and forth between home and school, however, it may not be a bad idea to insist on them having one. They can always store it in their locker, and just use it between home and school. Teens often have a lot of homework or additional studying to do, and many not want to carry a load of books and papers from the school to their car. Having a lightweight, yet durable backpack is a great way for them to carry their books. Teen and adult backpacks are available in trendy colors and designs, without extra bells and whistles. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly teen backpack, check out the designs at Target.

back to school man messenger bag

For college students or campus faculty, a messenger bag may be in order. The messenger bag is a popular style for men. Most bags come in a variety of professional colors and designs and are made from leather, faux leather, nylon or canvas. These bags are quite stylish, and are not only aesthetically pleasing, they can hold many items ranging in size. Some may choose to use a messenger bag to carry a laptop and/or tablet. They’re also perfect for organizing papers and notebooks, day planners, and small devices. Most bags like this one from Cole Haan can be found at electronic stores or department stores. Best Buy has a nice selection of messenger bags to choose from at many different price points to suit any budget.

Small Everyday Leather Tote Bag

Women tend to lean more toward tote bags to use for school and/or everyday running around. Tote bags are available in a wide range of colors and can be found at nearly every price point. If you’re looking for a quality bag that will last for many years, opt for a leather bag. Leather totes are very stylish, and made by many fine brands such as Cole Haan, Coach, Nine West, among others. Less expensive totes can be purchased at different department stores or mass retailers. L.L. Bean has a nice variety of canvas and leather totes to choose from, which won’t break the bank. Moms might want to look into purchasing a nice tote bag to have when they run errands during the school year. Totes are wonderful to throw over a shoulder and carry when toting small children around, and they can hold many items. Just make sure to look for a tote with a small zippered pocket to hold important items like keys and lip gloss.

Choosing a back to school bag doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the hardest part might be narrowing down your favorites and selecting just one!