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Where to Find Beautiful Journals for Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year when everyone is ready to turn over a new leaf and revisit their life goals, or in some cases, start a whole new one. Many people find journaling to be an extremely helpful tool during this time of New Year’s Resolutions, and what better way to start out than with a new journal for your new you?

New Year’s Resolutions are different from person to person. Not only do they contain the various wishes and goals of a person, but they also come with a lot of honesty and self-awareness. Sometimes, your New Year’s Resolutions are made as an alternative heavy self-criticism. If you can turn the things that bother you into the things that motivate you, there’s no telling what you’ll be capable of! But if you don’t remember your breakthroughs and epiphanies, then how will you move forward?

Enter: journals. Your journal should be good quality, because you’ll no doubt be using it every single day. It should make you happy to look at, it should make you want to write in it. Doing your best to remove the road blocks between you and your goals is your first priority, and if an ugly journal makes you not want to keep up on your daily journal goals, then get yourself a beautiful journal!

Eccolo Wide Stripes New Years journal Set

How perfect is this set of three notebooks from The Paper Store? Buying your journal from The Paper Store is smart not just because it’s literally a store devoted to paper, but also because we have a free shipping coupon for The Paper Store that could allow you to get something like these uplifting, inspirational journals for an extra-great price:

Knock Knock Its Gonna Be Okay Inner Truth Journals

We Cannot Direct the Wind But We Can Adjust the Sails Journal

Another good place to find journals is Etsy. There are tons of beautiful, handmade journals for sale in just about every style you could imagine. If your goals aren’t enough to motivate you, you can just look at your handmade journal and think about how someone else used their time and energy to create something amazing, which is helping them reach their goals. You’re surrounded by success, so you might as well be successful, right? Right.


You’ll also find journal accessories like this stunning and positive, leather journal wrap.

If you can, look for Moleskine journals, they are an industry leader for notebooks and journals, and have been for several decades. They can be kind of expensive, but we have a 15% off coupon code for Moleskines from their website, and I found this set of two Moleskine journals at Blinq department store for less than $10!


Use our Blinq coupon, save an extra 10% or more on these perfectly-sized notebooks.

However you intend to record your New Years Resolutions, you owe it to yourself to start in a fresh, new notebook or journal. It gives you a brand new space where you can record all of the intentions you’re setting for this year.

What are your New Years Resolutions this year?