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Where to Find Great Savings for Passover


While some families are getting prepared for Easter, others are starting preparations for Passover. The holiday which last eight days means a lot of grocery shopping for these families. The house needs to be rid of bread and any products that have bread in them. Then, the shelves are stocked with foods and beverages that are marked Kosher for Passover. Needless to say, getting everything for the Seder and the days after can get expensive. Luckily, we’re here to help you find great savings for Passover.

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Stop Rite

Depending on where you live, Stop Rite has kind of a reputation for having more options than the other supermarkets when it comes to Kosher for Passover foods. There’s only a little time left to go on your holiday shopping spree. Go now and see what kind of amazing deals and selection they have for the holiday!


JET is an online store where you can find virtually anything you need. Passover is no exception. They have an absolutely great selection of must-haves and sugary sweets for the holiday. You can place up to two food orders for the holiday, with 15% off each. You can also try using the promo code SPRING10 for additional deals. All this will save you up to $30 on your food packages. Start saving now!



The Passover Seder calls for a lot of wine, which, like everything else at the table, must be Kosher. But, you don’t need to settle for the one that tastes like grape juice. This year, get something a little more classy. You can get all the wine you need from KosherWine. Not sure what to get? Then order one of their Passover mixed cases, which comes with a selection of delicious wines. Get it now for up to 21% off!

Capalbo’s Gift Baskets

No Seder is complete with out dessert. Of course, it’s also nice to change the matzah up with something a little sweeter and easier to digest. Capalbo’s has just the right thing, and at a discount. From this store, you can order delicious Passover truffles and a fresh fruit gift basket, which is a great treat for your Passover host or just for your own family. Capalbo’s also has a whole Kosher section on their website, which is nice to know about. Get both for $45.95, and like them on Facebook for 10% off your order!


Party Depot

Last but not least, a Passover Seder can’t be done without a Seder plate. And, wouldn’t it be cool if instead of sharing one, each person had a mini-version of their own? Party Depot has packages of awesome plates that depict a mini-Seder plate on each one. What an cool idea! Get yours at 50% off. And, you might as well stock up for next year, too!

Passover is right around the corner. Have you prepared your home with Kosher for Passover foods? If you’ve been holding off, then now’s the time to score on some great deals for the holiday.