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Where to Get Your Favorite Cold Drinks this Summer

cold drinks

When summer comes, there’s nothing I love more than an iced coffee, a cold, fresh lemonade, or fruit smoothie. Sure, you can have those things all year round, but it’s just not quite the same as it is in the summer time. Drinks like these are refreshing and tasty. Unfortunately, they can also come at a price, and start to add up quickly over the summer.

So, if you’re looking for your favorite cold drink, here are some discounts that’ll be useful to you.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is pretty much the first thing people think of when they’re looking for a cold summer drink. They are quite affordable already, but it’s nice when you can get something you love for even just a little bit cheaper. Now at Dunkin’, you can get a small frozen Dunkin’ coffee for $1.99 among other discounts.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Are you imagining a nice, cold smoothie right now? We are, too. Smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe are absolutely delicious, especially when it’s super hot outside. Not to mention they have tasty sandwiches and snacks, too. Whether you take your smoothie on the go or you want to sit down in the air conditioning and enjoy it, they have great discounts to help you ssave on your summertime treat.

cold drinks


Starbucks is also a safe bet when it comes to finding that summer drink you love. Whether it’s the iced coffee or your favorite flavored frappuccino, you’ve come to the right place. Starbucks is definitely one of the most expensive ones on this list, and not really the best option if you’re looking to save money on a cold drink. But, these discounts will be a game changer.

Jamba Juice 

Oh, Jamba Juice. How wonderful. When you find one of these stores on a street corner in the middle of summer, it’s a real treat. What’s even better is when you can save on your favorite smoothie. Now at Jamba Juice, you can get a free Jamba Kids Smoothie with a purchase of any regular-size smoothie. So, it’s really a treat for the whole family!

cold drinks

Auntie Anne’s

The pretzels at Auntie Anne’s are delicious, there’s no doubt about that. But, the real magic is happening in those lemonade machines. A nice, cold lemonade from Auntie Anne’s (partnered with a pretzel) is the best thing ever.

7/11 Day!

And, don’t forget. Even after trying all of these, there are only a few days left until 7/11 Day! On this day, you can go to any 7 Eleven and get yourself a free Slurpee! If that’s not the best deal to look forward to, then we don’t know what is!

Summertime is here and you deserve to enjoy your favorite frozen drinks whenever you get the chance!