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Where to Plan a Kid’s Summer Birthday Party for Less

kids summer birthday party

For kids who have summer birthdays, it’s bittersweet. Kids who have birthdays during the school year get to have a fun party with all their friends, but, they still need to be in school. But, those who have birthdays that fall in the summertime will need to plan a party in order to bring all their friends and family together for the special occasion. If all goes well, it’s an awesome time.

The problem is, planning birthday parties for kids doesn’t come cheap. Between making reservations at a place, getting the decorations, ordering a cake, and buying presents, it can set you back. Luckily, some places will provide most of these things when you book a party with them.

So, here’s where to plan a kid’s summer birthday party for less.

kids summer birthday party

A Waterpark Party

There’s no better place to have a summer birthday party than a waterpark! Kids love water parks (and so do the adults!). It’s a great way to make sure everyone is having fun while staying cool in the summer heat. Many water parks will offer birthday packages for groups, so you don’t need to worry about bringing extra things into the park.

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese has pretty much been the go-to spot for kids’ birthday parties for forty years. It’s a great place to play games, enjoy some rides, have a party, and finish up with some delicious pizza. Best of all, you can save money booking your party with the discounts they have available. In addition to affordable group rates, Chuck E. Cheese also offers free cotton candy for parties of 12 or more kids. But, you can also bring your own group and save dollars on pizza and wings!

kids summer birthday party

Dave and Buster’s

Another great option for adults, too, Dave and Buster’s is the perfect place to escape the summer heat and have fun in the air conditioning. In addition to plenty of games and party options for kids, adults can also take a break and have a drink at the bar. Now at Dave and Buster’s, you can get unlimited game play for your group when you buy a $25 power card per person in addition to other nice discounts.

Pizza Party

If you’re out of ideas and your kid is not too picky about their party, then it’s pizza for the win! After all, you can’t really ever go wrong with a pizza party, whether you do it outside in your backyard or just head to your local restaurant!

kids summer birthday party

Movie Theater

Another great way to escape the heat while celebrating your child’s birthday is by taking everyone to the movies. Who doesn’t love the going to the movies with their friends? Some movie theaters will do birthday party packages, but you can also improvise by using their discounts.

Ice Skating

What better way to cool down this summer than an ice skating birthday party? Just like others on this list, a lot of ice skating rinks provide rates for birthday parties. To start planning, take a look to see if any of these ice skating rinks are near you.

kids summer birthday party

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

If places like Chuck E. Cheese are a little ‘young’ for your kids, there are other options out there. Sky Zone Trampoline Park has to be one of the coolest places to have a birthday party nowadays, and they help make it easy by offering great discounts. Now, you can get 50% off Jump Passes through Groupon, as well as 10 passes for the price of 8!

Plan the best party for your kid’s summer birthday at a price that fits your budget!