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Which is Better: Cyber Monday or Black Friday?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner and it is time to get your shopping list started. However, as you begin to browse through certain deals, you’ll notice that certain products are available for cheaper on one day over the other. So, is there an advantage over shopping over one over the other?

Black Friday is Great for Immediate Deals


Black Friday has been a highly popular day for people to go out and start – if not finish – their entire shopping list for Christmas. It started decades ago, giving customers some of the lowest prices by major retailers in the local area. Companies like Toys R Us and Macy’s has dominated the Black Friday space, giving awesome store discounts on some valuable merchandise.

This began well before Cyber Monday simply because the online market wasn’t available. When there was a time when you had to visit the major retailer’s physical store to get merchandise, this was the best way to shop.

The Boom of the Internet Created Cyber Monday

When the internet first started, there wasn’t a huge market for it initially. Most consumers didn’t own a computer. Not to mention, dial-up just wasn’t an ideal way to browse the internet.

However, when the internet evolved and dial-up switched to broadband and higher, Cyber Monday was born to give online retailers an opportunity to participate. While certain online companies still participate in Black Friday deals, it’s mostly exclusive to physical retailers.

Companies like Amazon, who are exclusive to online vending, came together and created Cyber Monday. It gave consumers the opportunity to rest for the weekend and shop online Monday for additional deals.

Cyber Monday is More of an Extension from Black Friday


Black Friday hasn’t lost its appeal and it’s one of the most notorious holidays for shoppers. It gives most people access to the most exclusive deals for must-have gifts of the year. Cyber Monday acts more as an extension than a separate holiday for Black Friday for this reason.

As most people are still going on Black Friday, Cyber Monday for companies who also have physical locations will have slim pickings. Most of their major physical stores have probably sold out most of the inventory, so it’s just leftovers for most of these websites.

Your only chance of getting good deals is by participating as soon as Cyber Monday begins. Companies like Walmart and Target will reserve a certain amount of stock per product for Cyber Monday that sells out within minutes.

If you know the deals you want ahead of time, you can easily add all the items into your cart ahead of time. As soon as it begins, you’ll have access to getting it before it runs out of stock.

Use Both to Finish Your Christmas List

Christmas shopping can be expensive if you wait until last minute. When you start as early as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can save hundreds of dollars on gifts. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about shopping for the rest of the season.

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