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They say time is gold, I say time is Whimsical.

Whimsical Watches ( prides themselves on giving its customers unique and high quality watches products at great prices with quick turn-around times. They offer specialty and personalized watches for every occasion. No wonder people around the globe uses Whimsical Watches products because they can have their own unique and favourite themes captured on their everyday watch.

These watches are hand-crafted and are made with miniature showcasing your favourites like animals, food, hobby, music, seasons, sport, astrology, holiday and many more. These watches are one exceptional and great idea to give as gifts to loved one, relatives and friends.

Whimsical Watches products consists of over 700 designs, may it be unisex or classic in both gold and silver. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Here are some gorgeous watches that is perfect to give as gift or just for personal use.

Music & Dance Watches

If you are fond or a tremendous fan of music or dance, then this watch is really great for you. These have miniature designs that include drums, piano, violin, wind instruments, ballet shoes, Swine Lake, tap dancing and other music and dance-related designs.


Sports Watches

These watches are hand-crafted with every imaginable line of sports ranging from individual or team sport. This is really great for athletes, coaches, or for yourself if you are one of a die-hard fan. You can also give them as gift to your coach or friends who love to see sport activities and things every day.


Seasonal Theme Watches for Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

These lines of watch are for person who loves nature, who loves outdoor environment and those who love the changing of seasons. You can find here Skiing watches for example for people who love winter and winter sports or maybe gardening-themed watched for those who are fond of spring and summer or maybe a golden maple leaf falling as a them for Fall. Whatever season, these watches will always make you feel happy any season of your life.


Profession Watches

What to give to your teacher? To your sister or brother? Or to a friend who just accepted from work? These profession-themed watches are your one great option. You can also use them for personal fun choosing your line of work and enjoying every moment of it. Whimsical Watches has for professionals in nearly every imaginable line of work like Air Force, Medical, Detective, Chef, Lawyer, Pilots, Architects, Accountant, Administrative, Marine, Electrician and so many many more.


Animal Watches

What’s your favourite animal? When you love animals, these watches might do a real tap of smile on your day. It features a variety of miniature animal for animal-lovers.  They also have selections of watches for dogs, zoo animals, house pets and sea life creatures.


Collectible Watches

If you are fond of collectibles, then this watch is one great gift to treat yourself. They have gift watches for any fans of clown, dolls, teddy bears and other things.



So you don’t know the perfect line of watch to give someone special or a friend or your sister or brother and even your mom and dad on a special occasion coming up. Giving a watch is a really neat and cool idea for a gift. You can choose from a wide selection of gifts for her and for him and have them surprised.


Whimsical Watches does not only offer cute and beautiful watches but also huge discounts to its customers. Here are some great coupons, coupon codes, deals and discount that you can get when you purchase Whimsical Watches products and items.

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