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Why buy from Dell Financial Services and where to find Dell Financial Services coupons and deals?

Are you in the market for a refurbished computer or if your current IT budget is already stretched? don’t settle for a non-Dell computer. Purchase a quality off-lease computer from Dell Financial Services(DFS) and enjoy all of the benefits of owning a Dell computer for a fraction of the cost.

Why buy from Dell Financial Services?
1. Systems typically ship the next business day
2. Wide selection of Dell Notebooks, Dell Desktops and Dell Workstations
3. Refurbished by Dell, from Dell in Austin, TX
4. Outstanding quality and reliability
5. 100 Day Limited Warranty
System drivers included on all latitude notebooks and Optiplex desktops preloaded with Windows XP Pro+. Dimension Desktops, Inspiron Notebooks, Precision Workstations and systems sold without Windows XP Pro+ may require drivers to be downloaded, free of charge.
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Where to find Dell Financial Services coupons and deals?
Now, build a great partnership with Dell Financial Services, you can find the latest Dell Financial Services coupons and deals, we will keeping update the coupons and deals information on high frequency.

About Dell Financial Service:
Dell Financial Services LLC (DFS) provides financing for the acquisition of new computers and related products sold by Dell, Inc. DFS offers financing products to Dell Computer’s home and small business, education, and medium and large business customers. Founded in 1997, DFS has grown by contributing to the success of our customers. They have a portfolio of more than $4.5 billion, and have originated more than $18 billion in finance transactions since our inception. As Dell Corporate Customers return leased computers to DFS, they select the highest quality systems for refurbishment and make them available for sale through this website.

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