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Why Nike Shoes are so Popular?


Nike has become a household name across the globe. A mere mention of the word footwear springs to mind the brand of Nike. Greek goddess of victory logo of Nike is one of the most widely known company logos in the world. Nike footwear and other products are sold across the six continents of the world, in more than 160 countries. Nike currently holds a global market share of 37 percent. All these facts bear testimony to the popularity of Nike brand, to know more about what makes Nike shoes stand apart from the rest read on.
Nike, as a quality footwear maker, caters to the demands of athletes belonging to all sports disciplines. Nike offers footwear for running, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Golf, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Tennis, Baseball and many other sports disciplines. Nike shoes are custom-made, appropriate to the nature of the game, playing style, playing surface and the needs of the athlete, helping athletes deliver high standard of performance.
Nike offers bespoke footwear for running, training sessions and workouts. Nike Plus collection is ideal for exercise as they are designed to record valuable information including the calories burnt, length of distance travelled during a walk session and other similar information to an iPod or iPad.
Nike not only offers best athlete footwear, but it also has introduced Nike Casual Footwear collection, which features some innovative, pleasing to eyes designs.
Nike footwear is enjoys and edge over its competitors, when it comes to the variety of designs. It offers custom-built footwear to cater to the demands of a diverse populace. Nike shoes are manufactured using the modern Footwear technologies, which help increase the level of comfort and facilitate feet movement.
Nike employs high-tech foot care technologies to ensure that their shoes offer ultimate care to your feet and increase the comfort level.
Nike is consistently pursuing to discover the innovative, ground breaking footwear technologies, resulting in introducing some best known footwear technologies in the industry. These technologies include Hyperfuse, Air Max, Shox, Free, Flywire and the latest addition is Flyknit. These technologies help ensure precision fit, breathability, flexibility and reduce the weight of the shoes to the extent that suits the nature of the game and an athlete’s needs.
Nike as one of the best sports footwear manufacturer in the world feels the pulse of its clientele, offering a range of fresh, innovative designs regularly, in due course of time. Although Nike offers a wide of range of casual and sports footwear and if that wasn’t enough it also offers its customers the online facility to customize a pair of shoes according to your own preferences. The easy use interface allows customers to easily play with the design of footwear to come up with the design they desire.
As things stand now, as long as Nike keeps making ground breaking footwear technologies and offers its clientele with fresh and innovative footwear, it is likely to occupy the number one position in the Sports and Casual footwear industry.