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Why Political T-Shirts Rule

Express Yourself

In a world so politically correct, it’s important to know who you are and to be able to be that person. You can say anything you want on a t-shirt with so many online options to create your own. Or, even better, search the thousands of hilarious, or politically astute options if you need one on the fly. The t-shirt industry is huge because in this country, when you have something to say…you say it. We especially like Tee Shirt Palace because of their no-holds barred approach! Check them out of the latest election gear or your favorite movie saying (like this one from cult classic, The Sandlot).

You're Killin Me Smalls! American Apparel T-Shirt
Tee Shirt Palace $21.95

Spread Your Message

Cancer, autism, feminism, conservatism and so much more. Be who you are and let others know too! Being proud to have beaten cancer, or having a son with autism is something you should wear on your chest. Want to show liberal pride or show unabashed support for Donald Trump? Wear it. Own it. Spread it. Be as controversial as you want to be–because why not?

It’s a Conversation Starter

If you love to engage in debate, or you’re looking to pick up your next date at the bar, these cool t-shirts from Tee Shirt Palace will do the talking for you. Tee Shirt Palace is kind of our jam right now because they have every concept for a tee known to man. Even proprietary concepts, like Marvel and Disney.

“Wooden Spoon Survivor” is a fan favorite. It’s so easy for anyone to say, “Hey! Me too!” If you make one other person smile just because of your t-shirt…well how cool is that?! Just think, the right proverb can make someone’s day.

You Just Love T-Shirts

Because t-shirts are the American wardrobe staple. Sometimes, you just want an image of your favorite Avenger or obscure video game character on your tee. And that’s cool, too.