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Why Shopping Online Saves You More Than In-stores

I have never been a fan of shopping online, mainly because I am afraid of ordering the wrong size; however, there is the occasional instance where products seem so much cheaper than they appear at the store. Am I correct or am I imagining things?

After realizing that I am nearly 30 years old, I have come to the cruel reality that I was a shopaholic. Ok…maybe I am a recovering shopaholic, (but I must be given credit for the fact that admitting it is the first step) at least Debbie Rose seems to agree. So with that said, I wanted to point out that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I understand it is not about spending like crazy just because things are 50 or 60 % OFF; it is about knowing how to spend wisely and when it is economically responsible to do so.

So after years and years of overspending, I think I can proudly say I am learning what it is like to spend when you CAN for an incredibly low price. I don’t think the issue with purchasing in the US is low prices; I think we are definitely the #1 to provide high quality goods at a very inexpensive price.

I think it is more about the originality of the products. By that, I mean that we all shop at the same places, e.g. Forever, Banana, H&M, and some of us who like a more expensive taste, Bloomingdales

So why is it better to shop online than in store?

  1. There is more opportunities for special promotions online than there are in-stores. Although a recent article reports retailers are disappointed on the decrease of traffic at the mall.
  2. You can shop at the convenience of your own home and even…Shhhh at work.
  3. You can save your cart for later, in case prices drop even more.
  4. The return policies are a little less strict (in some cases).
  5. You don’t have to hassle with long lines or parking spot frustrations.
  6. You can find quick on the spot coupon codes.
  7. You have cyber Monday specials that are not offered in-stores.
  8. You have a wide variety of products that the stores can’t hold due to lack of space or certain state merchandise regulations.
  9. You can import from any part of the world.

The issue here is not shopping; it is more about how to avoid showing up at the same place wearing the same outfit as 3 other girls. So where can you find really different and neat clothing that nobody else owns?

These are the stores I truly like; they are a little funky and have some crazy designs, but overall, the quality is great and the prices are very attractive. You can check out our PromosPro codes to get additional savings here:

1. JollyChic

2. Windsor

3. Love Culture

4. The Mint Julep Boutique

5. Fashion to Figure And for the sophisticated curvy woman, this store has some really chic apparel.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these super cute stores and remember to shop WISELY and only when you know you can!

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