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Why Use Mozy Coupon codes and Mozy promotional codes?

When you think about backup services for business or personal use, Mozy is the first name that runs through your mind. It came into being in 2005 and since then there has been no looking back. They boast of serving more than six million customers and over 100,000 businesses. You will be amazed to know that at present they are backing up roughly 90 petabytes of information at their various data centers that are situated around the globe.


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Reasons why people prefer Mozy

  • Superior customer care services offered by them
  • They are in business for over a decade and has strong standards
  • They offer best in class products and services
  • They offer military grade encryptions

Products On Offer

They offer three products to choose from. You can find the Mozy Coupon codes and Mozy promotional codes for these products to make them affordable.

1、MozyHome: The MozyHome is an excellent tool that allows creating backups for all your home usage instantaneously. It offers a unique combination of both online backup as well as Mozy stash file synchronization.

2、MozyPro: The MozyPro keeps your company data safe backed by its trusted server. Military grade encryption, easy access through the mobile app is few features that make this product successful.

3、MozyEnterprise: An enterprise grade security, high speed and high grade control, this product is backed by EMC and offers the best in class service and data recovery options in the market.


Mozy is a trusted name and has a long list of satisfied customers. They offer affordable and valuable products for services. The reason that Mozy rules the market is because of their perpetual motivation to serve their customers. With Mozy’s “set-it-and-forget-it” products, consumers and businesses are left with time to invest on other significant matters.