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Why Watch The World Cup Final in The USA

It seems like the heart-racing hours are over as we leave with our heads held high. But FIFA and countless soccer fans agree that this was more than a battle for the trophy.

I have to admit; I’m not the go-to person when it comes to sports, but come on! How many women are? I know it is not as much as men. The point is, even for a person who has very little interest in soccer, I became a true fan this year. It’s not the skills these players embody or even the popularity each player has due to great looks that makes people engage in this activity passionately. It is because sports bring people together, especially the World Cup. You suddenly start to find something much bigger to look forward to. The unity that one country gains by rooting for one team and representing one’s country is inextricably strong. Only with the Olympics do we get close to feeling this way. Unlike any other sport out there, e.g football, baseball or basketball, we are a country divided by our individual state or college ties. The World Cup, however, allows us to cheer and believe for one NATIONAL team.  Of course this is my perspective and it does put a frown on my face (to say the least) that some disagree #AnnCoulter – US Moral Decay Column ,but I will not get into that.

Now, after we actually feel the excitement of sportsmanship and a sense of pride, we are bummed it’s over. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be over. There are still many strong players in the field. So what should we do with this entire adrenaline rush still coursing through our veins? We can root for another country that hits home. By this, I mean our ancestors or close friends from other countries. It is not only an excuse to share cold beers with friends, it is also an excuse to enjoy great food and build stronger relationships and ties with those who love and are learning to love the sport.

The FIFA recently published an article contrary to that of Ann Coulter’s opinion, the fan base is growing strong.
“There may have been broken hearts and shattered dreams across the United States on Tuesday, but MLS promoters say unprecedented enthusiasm for the national team is evidence that Major League Soccer has come of age – “We proved to the world we are a soccer nation!” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said on Twitter minutes after the USA-Belgium clash.” – FIFA

The article also adds that this last game against Belgium shows evidence that the soccer fanatic population is more secured than ever since the collapse of the 1984 soccer US soccer league. I couldn’t agree more, and I feel like I have enough enthusiasm left for more. So, if you are too lazy to go out, you can watch at the comfort of your own home. AT&T is offering a 12-month deal for cable and internet for $49.00 with DVR so you can enjoy or record shows while you are at work. With this offer, you can have the sports channels you want to watch as well as the last finals of the World Cup and football season.

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So cheer up and let’s soccer on!!

Here are some really funny tweets about Ms. Anti soccer columnist #AnnCoulter

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