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Why You Should Never Chinse Out on Shoes


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Out of all apparel, footwear is the one you should never chinse out on.  Shoes are more than just fashion; they affect your overall health.  Good shoes can prevent injuries, conditions  such as plantar fasciitis, and even back problems.  When you consider them being an investment in health rather than just a statement about yourself, you realize that spending a little more is well worth it, especially if you’re shopping for someone as important as your kids.

Consider Sports (Or Not)

As you’re shopping for back-to-school this year, keep your kids’ health in mind.  Not all shoes are created for all occasions.  For example, if your child isn’t a runner, running shoes aren’t the best choice.  They are constructed for forward movement, and therefore have little to no lateral support. This means they are not great for basketball, gym class, or even day-to-day wear.    If they are involved in something like cross-country or track , wearing the wrong type of shoe could cause serious problems along the lines of knee pain, hip pain, and Achilles tendinitis.  

If your child is involved in soccer, they’re obviously going to need a separate set of cleats.  If they are playing basketball, it’s also worth it to invest a bit more in some shoes made specifically for that sport.  If they don’t play sports, or you’re looking for something for day-to-day wear, get some basic sneakers built for the occasion.  That doesn’t mean get the cheapest ones.  As they’re the shoes that they will be wearing the most, be sure to invest in something that will support them, and give them comfort all day long.

Consider Foot Type

Did you know different people have different types of feet?  Overpronators tend to roll their feet inwards as they walk.  The flat-footed have no arch between their toes and heel.  If a person with a high arch wears shoes with support built for a flat-footer, they’ll be howling in pain before the day is over.  You can find out what type of feet your family has, and the corresponding best shoe, by reading this article.

Consider Style

Investing in practical shoes does not mean sacrificing style.  Nike, one of the biggest brands out there, provides great quality and up-to-the-minute fashion.  In fact, they even have a customizable option called NikeID, where you and your child can sit down together and design the print and fabric of every part of their footwear.  That way they’ll be getting their podiatric needs met, wearing a cool brand, and standing out with their one-of-a-kind design, all at the same time.  You know we’ve got you covered on the savings end with NikeID promo codes to boot.

Buy Good Shoes

As you’re hitting the store for your back-to-school shopping, remember not to look for the cheapest deal on footwear, but the best deal on footwear.  Looking for the best deal means taking quality and personal needs under consideration, even if it means spending a little bit more.  Your child (and their feet) will be thanking you.