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Why You Should Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the name of the game this time of year. Thanksgiving reminds us all to express appreciation for all that we have in our life that is good.

But did you know expressing and recording your gratitude consistently is actually good for your mental health? When you’re having a bad day, focusing on what’s going right can turn things around. Gratitude can give you a positive attitude and, ultimately, a happier life.

If you want to go analog, there’s nothing wrong with sitting down with a pen and paper to express your thanks. However, if you have trouble allotting time in your day to the practice, it may be easier to log your appreciation via your phone, which we know you always have on you.

Luckily, some smart folks have developed apps that allow you to do just that. Here are three great options from the iTunes store.

The Original Gratitude Journal


Gratitude Journal—the original version of it, at least—has had staying power. It’s been around for years and has even been endorsed by Oprah. It allows you to record three things you’re grateful for daily. You can even include pictures if you want!

You also have the option of making this a social journal. You can tag friends and family, mark where you were when you logged an entry and share all of your thankfulness.

If you prefer to keep things private, you can do that, too. This is your journal and Gratitude Journal allows you to personalize your experience.

Gratitude Journal: The Life-Changing App


Want something a little more simple? This gratitude journal allows you one entry per day, though each entry can have multiple bullet points if you wish. While we’re sure you could find three entries per day, finding just one can be a lot less overwhelming for some people. You’re still able to go back and view past entries to recall all that you have going for you in those times when things seem rough.

Gratitude Garden


Designed by a happiness coach and teacher (what a cool job!), Gratitude Garden allows you to log three entries every day, much like the original Gratitude Journal. While the other apps encourage you to log things that you’re grateful for, Gratitude Garden also encourages you to record those little, circumstantial things that went right. That can include someone doing something nice for you, performing well at a work review or even just keeping your cool in a difficult situation.

What we’re thankful for.

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What are you thankful for?

Let us know what you would write in your gratitude journal today. Share it on social media!