Food & Beverage–For World Class Fine Wines is the wine connoisseurs’ stop, for world class fine wines. Their online winery, makes shopping for wines, accessible, affordable and enjoyable. is a conglomeration of Geerlings & Wade, Ambrosia and the Berglund Catalog of Fine Wines. Located in the epicenter of America’s top quality wine production, Napa Valley, boasts a wide selection of wines, both local and international.

Winestasting store

The website is quite user-friendly. Their drop-down menu, features choices such as Unique Gifts, Collections, Buy Wine,Wine Club and Special Deals. Users are encouraged to sign up at their site, and as an incentive, great deals are promised on their wine purchases.

For individuals who know about the wines, check their Wine Shop. It lists down different types of wines that you can choose from. Some of the choices they offer are The French Collection, Award Winning Wines, Top Ten Cellar Wines and Exclusive Wines, to name a few. If your wine choices are dependent upon your budget, also categorizes their wines according to Price, which ranges from under $25 up to more than $75. At, they have a huge collection of Reds and Whites, and some Dessert/Sparkling and Rose. You can even get the award winning wines for an affordable price without much of difficulty. showcases their large collection of exclusive California wines. This online wine store also features wines from around the world, from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, France, South Africa and Spain.Apart from wine, you can also purchase items such as wine decanters, corkscrews, aerators and chardonnay glasses, all at one shopping site.

Individuals who do not have a clue about wines, but want to develop a taste for this can learn about this craft by choosing some of’s Learn Wine topics. Here, you can learn about Wine Tasting, Food Pairing, Wine Naming and Storage, Pronunciation and Glossary. This gives the people a chance to show off their talent.

A bottle of wine is the perfect gift for any occasion. For a truly unique gift, now offers exclusive Wine Club memberships to either their Discovery, Master’s or Extreme Vintner’s Select groups. By becoming a member, you will have access to the latest award winning vintages and even additional savings from featured vineyards.

Along with wine, has partnered up with companies such 1-800, Fannie May and The Popcorn Factory, so that you can send unique and thoughtful gifts, to near and dear ones. So, be it birthday, anniversary or some special day you can surely find a gift basket for each occasion. The chocolate dipped strawberries with exquisite wine makes for a perfect Valentine Day gift. also features, where customers can shop for fine quality cuts of steak and meat, to pair with their wines. It is an online gourmet food store to ensure an elegant experience. Customer Service program is also great. Customers can contact their qualified agents at 800-435-2225, during the weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. You can also complete a request for contact, by submitting your personal information on their Contact Us page. At, customers can directly participate in their online Blog, and read about other customers’ comments and experiences with wine.