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Winter Bucket List


Winter is often a time that many people don’t look forward to. It seems as though once Christmas and New Year’s pass by, everyone can’t wait for spring to roll around, and for warmer weather to return. Just because it’s chilly out, and the skies are endlessly gray, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through the remaining winter months. They’ll pass by quickly if you learn to live a little and enjoy the beauty of the winter season. Here are a few ideas to help you have some fun this winter.

Go skiing, snowboarding or tubing. It may seem scary, but everyone should experience the fun of visiting a ski resort at least once in their lifetime. You can use Groupon Getaways and save up to 65% off your wintertime getaway. Taking a group trip can make it even more fun and exciting. There are always practice rounds, lessons, and easy courses for beginner skiers to try out before hitting the slopes. If you find that skiing isn’t for you, you can always relax at the ski lodge. There is usually a bar, fun activities planned, and even karaoke!


Make DIY Valentines. Get ready for Valentine’s Day by sitting down and making some good old fashioned DIY Valentines. You can make grown up Valentines to send to family and friends. If you have kids at home, you can help them make cute Valentines to share with their class at school. Stock up on craft supplies for Valentines or personal Valentine boxes at Michael’s. You can purchase washi tape for just $10.00!


Bake some cookies or other bakery style treats and share with friends. You could even start a Pay-It-forward type event in your neighborhood. Organize a cookie swap, and then send neighbors on their way to share cookie trays with a stranger, a shut-in, or someone who could use some well-wishes.

Start a new hobby. Has there been an activity on your mind that you’ve been wanting to try or devote some more time to? Winter is the perfect time to start a new hobby. You won’t have as much of an opportunity to go outside if the weather is bad, so focus on something that you can do indoors. You could take up a new exercise program, learn how to knit or sew, build model sets, paint, restore old furniture, etc.

Read. Unplug the television and turn off all of your devices, and pick up a few good books. Visit your local library (you may have to dust off your library card) and check out a new book that you’be been hearing everyone talk about at the water cooler or in online forums. Reading is a great way to unwind, and it’s a much better activity to do in the evenings, rather than falling asleep after scrolling through Facebook for an hour.


Warm up with a bubble bath. Relaxing at home is easy if you have a nice tub to soak in. Add some relaxing bath salts or bubbles to warm water, and take a nice soak. It’s a nice way to relax at the end of a stressful day, or on the weekend. Grab a good book or magazine, pour yourself a glass of wine, and let your cares melt away.

Hang out in your pajamas all day. Winter makes everyone feel like getting cozy, so why not stay cozy in your pajamas all day? No need to get dressed unless you have to go out of the house. Binge watch some shows on Netflix, eat some comfort food, and hang out with yourself for a while.