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Winter Driving Tips

Winter is officially here and that means so is winter driving. When the temperature dips down and Jack Frost is wreaking havoc with snow, ice and sleet, you have to be ready! Being prepared is the safest way to make sure your vehicle is ready to roll on down the road. Check out these winter driving tipswinter-driving-tipsTo brush off snow from your vehicle you will need a good auto brush. AutoZone carries the Hopkins Snowbrush and Ice Scraper. This snowbrush has an extended telescopic reach to help you go farther and clear more snow.  The foam grip is comfortable and the added leverage point helps you add power with less fatigue. The bonus ice chisel scraper will clear away ice and frost. Brush is made in the USA.


Also at AutoZone is the Victor Lock De-Icer and Lubricant. If you have ever experienced a frozen lock, this is something you want. Small enough to carry with you, it thaws frozen locks quickly. You can also use it in your home and garage.


Stay warm with a good pair of high-tech gloves like the Isotoner Men’s Black Gloves with Touchscreen Technology. So much more than a nice pair of driving gloves, these gloves will allow you to operate your touch screens on your phone and in your car without having to remove them. Made of high quality leather with a plush polyester fleece lining that protect your hands from the cold. The unique embroidery design allows for pinpoint texting accuracy. If these are just what you need, you can find them on


Of course, we need to mention the most important thing for safe driving in winter conditions, good tires. Whether you are looking for snow tires or all-weather, Sears is there for all your tire needs.


While you are shopping for tires make sure your battery is top notch to eliminate the possibility of getting stranded in sub-zero temperatures that can be life-threatening. Check out their wide selection of Die Hard batteries and have the peace of mind you need to make sure you and your family are safe. Make sure you have a good pair of jumper cables in your vehicle even if you have a new battery, you never know what could happen and you may also be able to help someone else out of a bad situation.


So whether you are going over the river or through the woods, make sure your vehicle is a safe as can be! Share these winter driving tips with someone you care about