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With Razer Edge Take Gaming To A Newer Level

What do you get when you put together a snap-on controller, a TV-friendly dock, an NVDIA graphics, and a Windows 8 tablet? You get a gaming, PC, console, and tablet, all in one! This is what Razer Edge is promising, which is why gaming enthusiasts are excited! It surely is novel idea.


This tablet turned gaming console, features the top-end of Razer Edge Pro’s configuration. Each tablet is equipped with a 1.9 GHz/3.0 GHz Core i7-3517U CPU, NVDIA GeForce 640M LE (2GB) graphics card, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage, a gamepad controller which easily latches on, transforming the tablet into a handheld gaming device. It also operates on Microsoft Windows 8. This top-end Razer, retails for $1,500 USD.

If the price has thrown you off a little, rest assured, this beauty is also available for $999 USD. Some of its features include a 1.7 GHz/2.6 GHz Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 640M LE(1GB) graphics, 64GB SSD, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the Gamepad Controller. It is not included in this package.

Weight: The Edge weighs about 2.1 pounds, is well built and feels comfortable to hold. A headset/mic jack, and a USB 3.0 port is included with the tablet. It also has a front-facing 2MP camera, with a 10.1 inch, 1,366×768 pixel HD display enabling video and gaming output. The Razer Edge lacks a rear facing camera. Overall, the Razer Edge feels like you are holding a solid gaming console in your hands, although not like Wii’s large console.

Connector: Where the Razer Edge differs is, in how it connects. There is a dock connector with an optional 3 USB ports at the bottom, HDMI, 7.1 audio, jacks/headsets, no Ethernet. The adapter for a USB to Ethernet connection can be purchased separately.

Controller: The Gamepad Controller’s buttons are similar to those of an Xbox. It is also backlit, with additional vibrational feedback. It also has analog rear triggers, a panel in the rear which accommodates an extra battery, enabling additional playing time. Overall, the entire Gamepad Controller feels as if you are holding a large package in your lap, with all the necessary PC controls. A laptop dock is also on the horizon!

One of the best parts of Razer Edge is it is ready to go. It does not face the same challenges as touchscreen Switchblade UI.

PC gaming: The creation of Razer Edge has triggered a shift from typical PC gaming to a portable PC arena, perhaps tempting enough for avid gamers. Critics deem this gaming laptop as practical and relatively more affordable that the Blade. There is also a wide range of games to choose from called Dirt, Showdown, Rift, and Dishonored, to name a few.

Resolution: If you decide to play with the Razer Edge on your big flat screen, the pixel resolution works best at 1600×900. When you try it at higher resolutions such as 1920×1080, without any multisample anti-aliasing, the image quality of the game is rather poor. Even though gamers can still play the games, the experience is not smooth, and the screen appears choppy. If you drop the image resolution below 1280×720, the image quality is terrible.

Nevertheless, critics are rating the Razer Edge an impressive gaming system that is capable of versatile games.  Get this amazing device and enjoy the graphic and action packed  games.

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